Are You Ready for a Blogging Challenge?

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Edublogs has opened registration for their Spring 2014 Blogging Challenge. Individual students and classes are encouraged to participate. It’s a great way to inspire your blogging and connect with other students and classrooms around the world. 

According to Edublogs, the purpose of the blogging challenge is “about getting students to blog and develop a world wide audience while doing so, rather than just having their teacher and classmates look at their work.”

The challenge’s first task will be posted on March 9th (and weekly after that for ten weeks) but you can join in the challenge at any time.  

Want more information? Here are some important links…


Info for First Time Visitors
Challenge FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Background about the Challenge


Challenge Registration Information
Classroom Registration
Individual Student Registration


Registered Classrooms for Blogging Challenge Spring 2014
Registered Individual Students for Blogging Challenge Spring 2014

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other students and classrooms around the world!

Are you or your class interested in get involved in
Student Blogging Challenge? Why? How?

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