Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4 Highlights

Welcome back from Spring Break Holiday! Hope you enjoyed your time off! The Edublogs Challenge continued without us so there have been two challenge posts while we’ve been gone. (The Challenge will take a week off soon as well so don’t worry about ‘catching up’.)

 Here are the highlights for Week 3 and Week 4 of the challenge. Remember: There are lots of activities posted each week…Your goal should be to accomplish one or two.

Beach Trail
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: cjohnlang via Compfight

Week 3 = Leaving Footprints (Digital Footprints)

Geckos: We’ve talked about digital citizenship but what is a digital footprint? If you’ve done anything on the internet you have a digital footprint…

Miss W has embedded a couple videos related to Digital Footprints and some activities to go along with them. See the original post for Week 3 for more details and links.

Activities 1 & 2: Prompts for posts about first 2 videos about Digital Footprints (Privacy Student Info Video & Youth and Media)

Activity 3: Debate Topic: It is better to have a negative digital footprint than no footprint at all.

Activity 4: 3rd video (Social Media Experiment) *this video was created for grades 7-12

Activity 5: Prompts for post about Digital Footprints and teachers, principals and parents

Activity 7: Learn more about cybersafety and digital footprints and write a post or create a visual (poster, glogster, cartoon, etc) to share important information you learned.

  • ACMA Australia – cybersafety for young kidskids and teens.
  • Google has some digcitizenship adventures relating to digital footprints – more for middle and high school students
  • Kidsmart from the UK has some great tips and information

Activity 8: 9 Elements of Being a Good Digital Citizen (For MS/HS students)
Activity 9: Post prompt about pros/cons of connecting easily on internet

Activity 6: Web Tools: Suggest web tools Miss W could add to her list (on sidebar on Edublogs Challenge site)


CC License Photo Credit: ‘multi-tool’ by tzu kwan valino via Compfight

Week 4: A Picture is Worth (Permission to Use Media)

Geckos: We’ve talked about using ‘permission to use media’ (Creative Commons) and giving credit for images used on your blogs, so activities from Week 4 are an opportunity to learn, discuss and demonstrate your understanding of what this means.

The Week 4 post includes several links to sites about Creative Commons, CC on YouTube, Copyright and Fair Use.

There are also links to sites to find ‘permission to use’ images, music and sound effects. (These are good to know for ANY digital presentation you create)

*It is also recommended (as I have) to activate the Compfight plugin on your blog. (Dashboard > Plugins > Compfight > Activate). Here is a link to how to use it to add photos to a post (or page).

 *Attribution = giving information to give credit to the creator or author of the work (i.e name & location/link of original piece of media)

*Q: How do I add information my post or page to give attribution/credit to the media I used?
A: Options:
>add in caption (edit image in post)
>add information at the end of your post (i.e. Photo Credit: name of creator, hyperlink to original source)

Activity 1: Post about video “Sharing Creative Works”

Activity 2: Comment/post about video “A Fair(y) Use Tale” (remix)

Activity 3: Write a poem about an image or piece of music you find. Invite others to contribute their own poems.

Activity 4: Start a story about an image you find. Invite others to add their own ending.

Activity 5: Write a sentence using just images – no words.

Activity 6: Find 5 images that create a story – no words.

Activity 7: Put together a set of images about your interests to add to About Me page or a post

Activity 8: Create your own images and add to a post of your choice. *See Week 4 post for links to image creation tools. (Don’t forget to give yourself credit and to any creation tool you used!)
UPDATE for Activity 8! The choices for image generators on the Week 4 post are challenging/not usable on the iPad. Here are some suggestions of apps and resources for getting creative with photos.
         Free iPad Apps
Pic Collage
Photo Slice
Frame Artist

          Via Web
Tuxpi Photo Editor
         Big Huge Labs

Activity 9: Zoom out from an image: Post an image and have readers leave comments to create a story. *See Week 4 post for more details and examples.

Activity 10: Go back to previous posts and give correct attribution (credit) to images or replace/add Creative Commons/Compfight images.

Activity 11: Create a Jigsaw from an image

Activity 12: Tell the Story of the Picture: Choose an image and write a story inspired by it.

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