Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 6 Highlights

FriendliesThis week, Miss W. asks about visitors to your blog

 Have you been getting many visitors?

Have you been receiving many comments?

It takes some effort to get visitors to your blog and encourage them to leave comments. Miss W. shares some suggestions…

>Use Twitter*
(*Of course you must be 13 years old to have a Twitter account but ask your teachers or Ms. Beabout to tweet out a link to a post you want to share.)
>Add links to other bloggers’ posts in your posts
>Show your interest and enthusiasm for what you are writing about
>Engaging About Me page
>Write posts about Guidelines & How To’s
>Leave quality comments (with the URL to your blog) on other blogs
>Treat post like a conversation – reply to comments left on your blog

Any other suggestions?

This week’s activity options are related to getting visitors to your blog….

Activity 1: Write a post explaining what you are going to do to attract readers to your blog

Activity 2: Write a post about one of your passions – maybe a hobby, sport, animal, music etc Remember though to write in your own words and not copy/paste from another website.  If you use information from a website, include a link to it in your post. If you include an image, add the attribution as well.

Activity 3: Visit at least 5 blogs from other students or classes but not from your school. Add to the conversation in the comment area of a post. Maybe check out our Flipboard magazine to find some more blogs to read.

Activity 4: Write an interesting how to post – create an origami, make a screencast, create a movie on an ipad, use a certain web tool

Activity 5: Add at least 5 new bloggers to your blogroll or links on your sidebar. Have to be from other countries not your own. Create a link category for overseas bloggers.
Directions for Adding a Blogroll to your Sidebar

Activity 6: Check through all your comments and reply to your readers. If they have asked you to visit their blog, go there and check out a post or two, leave a comment as well.

Activity 7: Many of you have mentors for the blogging challenge. Make sure you have read their comments and continued the conversation with them. If you have not yet had any comments, leave a comment here on the challenge blog, mention one of your great posts you think I should read and comment on – remember to include URL of your blog.

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