Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 9 Highlights

Just another potted plant
Week 9: Doing My Best

This week’s blog challenge is based on what you’ve learned from this blogging challenge by writing a blog post…that simple! Check out the original post for Week 9 for the post topics and expectations. 

**Please note that one of the essentials for a good blog post is a “catchy title”. The title of post should reflect the content of the post. Avoid making references to the blogging challenge in the title. However, if you want to let your readers know about its connection to the blogging challenge you could include that in the introduction (including hyperlinks to the challenge). 


for March 2014 Student Challenge (Edublogs Challenge)
> to have a post or activity you’ve done for the Edublogs Challenge considered for their Flipboard Magazine, you must leave a comment on the original Edublogs Challenge post (for that week) with a link to the post on your blog. 

for Blogging @ Parkside Flipboard Magazine
> See the post on Geckos Go Digital for the details and guidelines for a Quality Post and then email Ms. Beabout the link to your post. (


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