Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 10 Part A Highlights

Two Bloggers, after Norman Rockwell
Week 10A: Great Blogs

This week, the final week of the challenge, Miss W asks, “What makes a great blog?” Of course, a great blog has relevant and engaging posts, but what else? Miss W suggests we also consider the layout of the blog and whether sidebars, widgets and colors enhance the reading experience or distract the reader.

This week’s challenge is the opportunity for you to nominate a blog for the 11th annual Edublogs Awards. (Check out the 2013 nominees and winners for best student blog and best classroom blog)

Find some great blogs (you may already have some in mind)
       Need some ideas?
March 2014 Student Challenge Flipboard Magazine
Blogging Challenge Student Blogs List
Blogging Challenge Classroom Blogs List

Nominate one student blog and/or one classroom blog
  *you cannot nominate your own blog!

In order for your nomination to count, you MUST do the following:

1. Write a post on your blog nominating one blog.

2. Give reasons for the nomination, why you think it is a great blog.

3. In your post, include a link to the blog of the person you are nominating.

4. When you have published your post go to the original “Great Blogs” post on the Edublogs Challenge to fill in the form at the bottom of the post. (Your nomination will not count, unless you fill in the form)

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