Parents: Apple ID Information

Apple-IdAn Apple ID is necessary for students to add apps to their iPad for educational productivity and creativity purposes. An Apple ID provides access to the iTunes App Store and also allows for other device management options (i.e. iCloud, Find my iPad).

If your child’s Apple ID was created at school…

Student Apple ID and password > 

Your child’s Apple ID was created using their SIS email address and they created a strong password to use with it. Please have them share this with you can keep the information in a safe place. Your child’s homeroom teacher also has this information as well.

(*If you leave SIS, you can change your child’s Apple ID to a non-SIS email. Instructions at Changing your Apple ID )

My Apple ID > You can check and update information about your child’s Apple ID at My Apple ID

Security Questions > Each Apple ID is required to have 3 security questions as an added measure of security and verification. Your child’s teacher will have a copy of their questions and answers. These can be changed through My Apple ID. (If you change the questions and/or answers, please inform your child’s teacher.) 

Rescue Email >
Students were asked to provide a rescue email used in case of issues with passwords or security questions. In most cases this was a parent or student’s non-SIS email address. A verification notice was sent to the rescue email address (see image).

rescue email verification 

**Please check the email of the rescue email address and click on Verify now and enter your child’s Apple ID and password**

Address and Phone number>
If an address and phone number were not provided on the Apple ID information used to set up your child’s Apple ID, a generic address and phone number were entered (often the address and phone number of an Apple store in the country indicated). You can update or revise this information through My Apple ID.


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