Adding images to pages and posts

Everyone needs a getaway
Everyone needs a getaway by Kenny Louie at

Adding an image to a page or post is not as simple as copying and pasting. See these instructions from Edublogs User Guide about Inserting Images, Pictures and Photos into a Post and Page.

*Adding images with the Edublog App on your iPad
How to add a photo from your library
> How to add a photo by taking a photo

**Also, consider how you will give credit to the creator of the image (even if it is you). This could be at the end of the post or page (like below) or in a caption (like above)

Related page: Permission to Use Media


Related Link: Inserting Documents (Similar Process to inserting Images)



**May not be able to view on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone)

Photo Credit: Kenny Louie via Compfight

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