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Adding a Category to Multiple Posts

craft drawersYou have had quite the year with blogging and have made numerous posts throughout the year. Since our Share @ SIS blogs are meant to move with you through your years at SIS, I would highly recommend that you categorize all your posts for this year into a ‘Grade #” category. (Of course, you would replace ‘#’ with your current grade) It’s quite an easy process and I’ve included a tutorial video and a PDF of instructions.

Assign Category to Multiple Posts

If you are unable to view the video via You Tube below, click here to open video file.


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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 10 Part A Highlights

Two Bloggers, after Norman Rockwell
Week 10A: Great Blogs

This week, the final week of the challenge, Miss W asks, “What makes a great blog?” Of course, a great blog has relevant and engaging posts, but what else? Miss W suggests we also consider the layout of the blog and whether sidebars, widgets and colors enhance the reading experience or distract the reader.

This week’s challenge is the opportunity for you to nominate a blog for the 11th annual Edublogs Awards. (Check out the 2013 nominees and winners for best student blog and best classroom blog)

Find some great blogs (you may already have some in mind)
       Need some ideas?
March 2014 Student Challenge Flipboard Magazine
Blogging Challenge Student Blogs List
Blogging Challenge Classroom Blogs List

Nominate one student blog and/or one classroom blog
  *you cannot nominate your own blog!

In order for your nomination to count, you MUST do the following:

1. Write a post on your blog nominating one blog.

2. Give reasons for the nomination, why you think it is a great blog.

3. In your post, include a link to the blog of the person you are nominating.

4. When you have published your post go to the original “Great Blogs” post on the Edublogs Challenge to fill in the form at the bottom of the post. (Your nomination will not count, unless you fill in the form)

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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 9 Highlights

Just another potted plant
Week 9: Doing My Best

This week’s blog challenge is based on what you’ve learned from this blogging challenge by writing a blog post…that simple! Check out the original post for Week 9 for the post topics and expectations. 

**Please note that one of the essentials for a good blog post is a “catchy title”. The title of post should reflect the content of the post. Avoid making references to the blogging challenge in the title. However, if you want to let your readers know about its connection to the blogging challenge you could include that in the introduction (including hyperlinks to the challenge). 


for March 2014 Student Challenge (Edublogs Challenge)
> to have a post or activity you’ve done for the Edublogs Challenge considered for their Flipboard Magazine, you must leave a comment on the original Edublogs Challenge post (for that week) with a link to the post on your blog. 

for Blogging @ Parkside Flipboard Magazine
> See the post on Geckos Go Digital for the details and guidelines for a Quality Post and then email Ms. Beabout the link to your post. (


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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 8 Highlights

Spider KidWeek 8: Schooling

This week Miss W. points out that…

There are many different types of schools around the world. Most of the students in the challenge go to a government or public school, I think. But some are homeschooled like Warrior Kat and Ghost Soldier. Visit their school blog written by their mother. We have some students go to specific religious schools yet others go to international schools.

This week’s activity options include posts (based on prompts & questions), surveys, photo collages and interviews related to school. Some of the activities include interesting links or videos about schools and students around the world for inspiration. Check out the original post for Week 8 for more details about activity options.


Preparation for the Commenting Game started last week and begins this week. (See Week 7 Highlights)

The main thing you need before starting is a blog roll on your side bar with at least 5 other (non-SIS) student blogs linked.

Game rules for COUNT OUT THREE

Here are the instructions:

  1. Click on a blog on the student list – count one
  2. Now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  3. Finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three
  4. Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog.
  5. Repeat process at least three times


Optional Activity: Write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on so that student gets a pingback or trackback.

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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 7 Highlights

Lead the way, my friend.
Week 7: Leadership and Commenting Game Prep

This week’s activities are related to leadership. See Miss W’s original post for Week 7 for activity options. 

Prepare for next week’s COMMENTING GAME! 

One of the main reasons for the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge is the opportunity for interaction with other students and classrooms around the world through commenting. Use the list below to prepare for participation in the game! (Looking at the list, you should only need to take care of a few items to be ready!)

 To take part in this game, all classes and students will need the following:

•  a user avatar if possible

• an ‘about me’ PAGE

• a clustrmap or flag counter widget

• at least four interesting posts – could be topics of your choice not necessarily from the challenge

• your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar with 10 comments as the choice*

• your ‘Recent Posts’ widget on the sidebar with 10 posts as the choice *
*Go into Widgets on your Dashboard to change the settings on Recent Comments and Recent Posts widgets

• Your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar or pages in the header

posts categorized or tagged to make it easier to find interesting posts on each blog

• at least 10 student and/or classes linked on your blogroll

• at least three overseas blogs on your blogroll

The more students or classes you have linked on your blog, the more fun the game will be. The most important of these are the links to other student blogs on your sidebar. Try to have a couple of different headings like

My Friends
Class Blogs
Overseas Blogs

Instructions for Adding a Blogroll (List of Links) to Your Side Bar


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Blogging @ Parkside Flipboard Magazine

JoyGrade 4 & 5 Geckos…

Taking an idea from the Edublogs Student Blogging ChallengeI’ve created a Flipboard magazine (Blogging @ Parkside) to showcase your quality posts!

You can view (and subscribe to) the Flipboard magazine via this link. You can also access it through a Flipboard widget I’ve added to the Geckos Go Digital sidebar.

I’ve already (and will continue to) add any posts by SIS students or classrooms featured in the March 2014 Student Challenge Flipboard magazine (managed by Miss W) into the Blogging @ Parkside magazine.

If you have a post you’d like me to consider featuring in our Blogging @ Parkside magazine, email me with the link to the POST (not just to your blog!). You can submit any post you’ve done (or do) this year (doesn’t have to be related to Edublogs Challenge).

What is a Quality Post?

     Here’s what I’ll be looking for….

  • Is it relevant and engaging, both written content and appearance?
  • Is it well-written regarding ideas, organization and word choice?
  • Is it written in your own words?
  • Have you given credit to content (text) and media (images, audio, video) that are not your own? (You should really give credit to yourself for your own images)
  • Has it been proofread to make sure it has correct spelling, punctuation and grammar use?
  • Has it been assigned an appropriate category and/or tag(s)?

I am the editor of this Flipboard magazine so, ultimately, it is my decision about what goes into the magazine….if you submit a post that needs to be reworked, I’ll let you know and give you some feedback. Then it will be up to you if you want to re-submit it.

I’m looking forward to making a collection to represent your hard work. My goal is to get at least one post from each grade 4 & 5 student into the magazine before the end of the year!

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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 6 Highlights

FriendliesThis week, Miss W. asks about visitors to your blog

 Have you been getting many visitors?

Have you been receiving many comments?

It takes some effort to get visitors to your blog and encourage them to leave comments. Miss W. shares some suggestions…

>Use Twitter*
(*Of course you must be 13 years old to have a Twitter account but ask your teachers or Ms. Beabout to tweet out a link to a post you want to share.)
>Add links to other bloggers’ posts in your posts
>Show your interest and enthusiasm for what you are writing about
>Engaging About Me page
>Write posts about Guidelines & How To’s
>Leave quality comments (with the URL to your blog) on other blogs
>Treat post like a conversation – reply to comments left on your blog

Any other suggestions?

This week’s activity options are related to getting visitors to your blog….

Activity 1: Write a post explaining what you are going to do to attract readers to your blog

Activity 2: Write a post about one of your passions – maybe a hobby, sport, animal, music etc Remember though to write in your own words and not copy/paste from another website.  If you use information from a website, include a link to it in your post. If you include an image, add the attribution as well.

Activity 3: Visit at least 5 blogs from other students or classes but not from your school. Add to the conversation in the comment area of a post. Maybe check out our Flipboard magazine to find some more blogs to read.

Activity 4: Write an interesting how to post – create an origami, make a screencast, create a movie on an ipad, use a certain web tool

Activity 5: Add at least 5 new bloggers to your blogroll or links on your sidebar. Have to be from other countries not your own. Create a link category for overseas bloggers.
Directions for Adding a Blogroll to your Sidebar

Activity 6: Check through all your comments and reply to your readers. If they have asked you to visit their blog, go there and check out a post or two, leave a comment as well.

Activity 7: Many of you have mentors for the blogging challenge. Make sure you have read their comments and continued the conversation with them. If you have not yet had any comments, leave a comment here on the challenge blog, mention one of your great posts you think I should read and comment on – remember to include URL of your blog.

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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 5 Highlights

Week 5: Guest Bloggers

DandelionThe winners for best class blog in 2013 are the guest bloggers for this week’s set of activities. This school runs a journalism course for students in Junior High (middle school). They have their own blog (Cougar News Blog) where students report on events at the school, interview local people, write about the happenings in their community. This week they have set our challenges around the topic of ‘memories’.

Click here for their list of options

Visit blogs from the student and class list
> Leave quality comments

> Include your blog URL/link in your comment so that student or class can visit your blog as well.
> Return to the Edublogs Challenge blog and leave a comment letting Miss W. know about 3 blogs you left comments on and why you chose those 3. 

New Flipboard magazine for Spring 2014 on the Edublogs Challenge blog!

Congratulations to grade 5 SIS students Boey, Tina and Felix (x5) for already being included in the new Flipboard magazine!

To be considered for the Flipboard magazine (for Spring 2014)
1. You have to leave a comment on the challenge blog once you have finished an activity.
2. Miss W is choosing posts that are well written, paragraphed, great spelling and interesting to read.

The Edublogs Challenge Twitter hashtag is #14stubc

>You can see the tweets for this hashtag here. (You don’t need a Twitter account to view)
>Just let Ms. Beabout or your teachers know if you’d like us to Tweet out a link to a post you’ve done.

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