Blogging @ Parkside Flipboard Magazine

JoyGrade 4 & 5 Geckos…

Taking an idea from the Edublogs Student Blogging ChallengeI’ve created a Flipboard magazine (Blogging @ Parkside) to showcase your quality posts!

You can view (and subscribe to) the Flipboard magazine via this link. You can also access it through a Flipboard widget I’ve added to the Geckos Go Digital sidebar.

I’ve already (and will continue to) add any posts by SIS students or classrooms featured in the March 2014 Student Challenge Flipboard magazine (managed by Miss W) into the Blogging @ Parkside magazine.

If you have a post you’d like me to consider featuring in our Blogging @ Parkside magazine, email me with the link to the POST (not just to your blog!). You can submit any post you’ve done (or do) this year (doesn’t have to be related to Edublogs Challenge).

What is a Quality Post?

     Here’s what I’ll be looking for….

  • Is it relevant and engaging, both written content and appearance?
  • Is it well-written regarding ideas, organization and word choice?
  • Is it written in your own words?
  • Have you given credit to content (text) and media (images, audio, video) that are not your own? (You should really give credit to yourself for your own images)
  • Has it been proofread to make sure it has correct spelling, punctuation and grammar use?
  • Has it been assigned an appropriate category and/or tag(s)?

I am the editor of this Flipboard magazine so, ultimately, it is my decision about what goes into the magazine….if you submit a post that needs to be reworked, I’ll let you know and give you some feedback. Then it will be up to you if you want to re-submit it.

I’m looking forward to making a collection to represent your hard work. My goal is to get at least one post from each grade 4 & 5 student into the magazine before the end of the year!

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight

Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 6 Highlights

FriendliesThis week, Miss W. asks about visitors to your blog

 Have you been getting many visitors?

Have you been receiving many comments?

It takes some effort to get visitors to your blog and encourage them to leave comments. Miss W. shares some suggestions…

>Use Twitter*
(*Of course you must be 13 years old to have a Twitter account but ask your teachers or Ms. Beabout to tweet out a link to a post you want to share.)
>Add links to other bloggers’ posts in your posts
>Show your interest and enthusiasm for what you are writing about
>Engaging About Me page
>Write posts about Guidelines & How To’s
>Leave quality comments (with the URL to your blog) on other blogs
>Treat post like a conversation – reply to comments left on your blog

Any other suggestions?

This week’s activity options are related to getting visitors to your blog….

Activity 1: Write a post explaining what you are going to do to attract readers to your blog

Activity 2: Write a post about one of your passions – maybe a hobby, sport, animal, music etc Remember though to write in your own words and not copy/paste from another website.  If you use information from a website, include a link to it in your post. If you include an image, add the attribution as well.

Activity 3: Visit at least 5 blogs from other students or classes but not from your school. Add to the conversation in the comment area of a post. Maybe check out our Flipboard magazine to find some more blogs to read.

Activity 4: Write an interesting how to post – create an origami, make a screencast, create a movie on an ipad, use a certain web tool

Activity 5: Add at least 5 new bloggers to your blogroll or links on your sidebar. Have to be from other countries not your own. Create a link category for overseas bloggers.
Directions for Adding a Blogroll to your Sidebar

Activity 6: Check through all your comments and reply to your readers. If they have asked you to visit their blog, go there and check out a post or two, leave a comment as well.

Activity 7: Many of you have mentors for the blogging challenge. Make sure you have read their comments and continued the conversation with them. If you have not yet had any comments, leave a comment here on the challenge blog, mention one of your great posts you think I should read and comment on – remember to include URL of your blog.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mo Riza via Compfight

Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 5 Highlights

Week 5: Guest Bloggers

DandelionThe winners for best class blog in 2013 are the guest bloggers for this week’s set of activities. This school runs a journalism course for students in Junior High (middle school). They have their own blog (Cougar News Blog) where students report on events at the school, interview local people, write about the happenings in their community. This week they have set our challenges around the topic of ‘memories’.

Click here for their list of options

Visit blogs from the student and class list
> Leave quality comments

> Include your blog URL/link in your comment so that student or class can visit your blog as well.
> Return to the Edublogs Challenge blog and leave a comment letting Miss W. know about 3 blogs you left comments on and why you chose those 3. 

New Flipboard magazine for Spring 2014 on the Edublogs Challenge blog!

Congratulations to grade 5 SIS students Boey, Tina and Felix (x5) for already being included in the new Flipboard magazine!

To be considered for the Flipboard magazine (for Spring 2014)
1. You have to leave a comment on the challenge blog once you have finished an activity.
2. Miss W is choosing posts that are well written, paragraphed, great spelling and interesting to read.

The Edublogs Challenge Twitter hashtag is #14stubc

>You can see the tweets for this hashtag here. (You don’t need a Twitter account to view)
>Just let Ms. Beabout or your teachers know if you’d like us to Tweet out a link to a post you’ve done.

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Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4 Highlights

Welcome back from Spring Break Holiday! Hope you enjoyed your time off! The Edublogs Challenge continued without us so there have been two challenge posts while we’ve been gone. (The Challenge will take a week off soon as well so don’t worry about ‘catching up’.)

 Here are the highlights for Week 3 and Week 4 of the challenge. Remember: There are lots of activities posted each week…Your goal should be to accomplish one or two.

Beach Trail
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: cjohnlang via Compfight

Week 3 = Leaving Footprints (Digital Footprints)

Geckos: We’ve talked about digital citizenship but what is a digital footprint? If you’ve done anything on the internet you have a digital footprint…

Miss W has embedded a couple videos related to Digital Footprints and some activities to go along with them. See the original post for Week 3 for more details and links.

Activities 1 & 2: Prompts for posts about first 2 videos about Digital Footprints (Privacy Student Info Video & Youth and Media)

Activity 3: Debate Topic: It is better to have a negative digital footprint than no footprint at all.

Activity 4: 3rd video (Social Media Experiment) *this video was created for grades 7-12

Activity 5: Prompts for post about Digital Footprints and teachers, principals and parents

Activity 7: Learn more about cybersafety and digital footprints and write a post or create a visual (poster, glogster, cartoon, etc) to share important information you learned.

  • ACMA Australia – cybersafety for young kidskids and teens.
  • Google has some digcitizenship adventures relating to digital footprints – more for middle and high school students
  • Kidsmart from the UK has some great tips and information

Activity 8: 9 Elements of Being a Good Digital Citizen (For MS/HS students)
Activity 9: Post prompt about pros/cons of connecting easily on internet

Activity 6: Web Tools: Suggest web tools Miss W could add to her list (on sidebar on Edublogs Challenge site)


CC License Photo Credit: ‘multi-tool’ by tzu kwan valino via Compfight

Week 4: A Picture is Worth (Permission to Use Media)

Geckos: We’ve talked about using ‘permission to use media’ (Creative Commons) and giving credit for images used on your blogs, so activities from Week 4 are an opportunity to learn, discuss and demonstrate your understanding of what this means.

The Week 4 post includes several links to sites about Creative Commons, CC on YouTube, Copyright and Fair Use.

There are also links to sites to find ‘permission to use’ images, music and sound effects. (These are good to know for ANY digital presentation you create)

*It is also recommended (as I have) to activate the Compfight plugin on your blog. (Dashboard > Plugins > Compfight > Activate). Here is a link to how to use it to add photos to a post (or page).

 *Attribution = giving information to give credit to the creator or author of the work (i.e name & location/link of original piece of media)

*Q: How do I add information my post or page to give attribution/credit to the media I used?
A: Options:
>add in caption (edit image in post)
>add information at the end of your post (i.e. Photo Credit: name of creator, hyperlink to original source)

Activity 1: Post about video “Sharing Creative Works”

Activity 2: Comment/post about video “A Fair(y) Use Tale” (remix)

Activity 3: Write a poem about an image or piece of music you find. Invite others to contribute their own poems.

Activity 4: Start a story about an image you find. Invite others to add their own ending.

Activity 5: Write a sentence using just images – no words.

Activity 6: Find 5 images that create a story – no words.

Activity 7: Put together a set of images about your interests to add to About Me page or a post

Activity 8: Create your own images and add to a post of your choice. *See Week 4 post for links to image creation tools. (Don’t forget to give yourself credit and to any creation tool you used!)
UPDATE for Activity 8! The choices for image generators on the Week 4 post are challenging/not usable on the iPad. Here are some suggestions of apps and resources for getting creative with photos.
         Free iPad Apps
Pic Collage
Photo Slice
Frame Artist

          Via Web
Tuxpi Photo Editor
         Big Huge Labs

Activity 9: Zoom out from an image: Post an image and have readers leave comments to create a story. *See Week 4 post for more details and examples.

Activity 10: Go back to previous posts and give correct attribution (credit) to images or replace/add Creative Commons/Compfight images.

Activity 11: Create a Jigsaw from an image

Activity 12: Tell the Story of the Picture: Choose an image and write a story inspired by it.

Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 2 Highlights

Ioni's world DSC01433
Each week during the 10 week long Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge, Sue Wyatt (also known as Miss W) will be posting the Challenge guidelines for that week. I will, in turn, do a post to ‘highlight’ what’s happening in the Challenge including what’s been happening at SIS regarding the Challenge. This week’s challenge (It’s a Small World) is centered around the connections we make with others around the world 

Individual Student Participants REMINDERS

Student List
PLEASE check the student list. Is your name on there more than once? If, yes then leave a comment on Miss W’s Week 2 post. She will need your name, URL, country and age to make it easier for her to find you on the list.

Sharing Challenge Activity
Do you think you did quality work on a Challenge activity? Leave a comment including the URL of your blog post in the comments of Miss W’s related post on the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge blog.  In April, Miss W will start a new Flipboard magazine and adding the great posts from both students and classes.

Can you answer these questions?

How do you know if someone has left a comment on your blog?
(all comments are moderated; check Dashboard and/or email notification)
How do you know if someone replies to a comment you left on someone else’s blog? (email notification)

Now let’s get to the challenge…

This week’s challenge is to tell the world about the area you live in – your town, your state or province, your country in general. But hopefully you will also be having international visitors coming to your blog, so you need some way of knowing where they are coming from. There will be many options of what to do this week ranging from adding widgets, creating avatars, writing posts, leaving comments by visiting international blogs.

Geckos: There are many options for the Week 2 Challenge. I recommended you choose at least one option from each section:
>Blog Appearance: 
Activities 1 and 2  (Widgets and Avatars)
Activities 3 through 5 (related to your country – this could be China or your home country)

Other suggestions:
*Activity 6 is a prompt for a creative writing opportunity
**Visit other student and class blogs and read the About Me pages. Leave quality comments.
***Check out these maths challenges from
Ms Hutchison’s class.

Remember, go back to Miss W’s Week 2 post and leave a comment when you have written your post or embedded your quiz. Include the URL of the actual post not just your blog in general.


Activity 1 Adding widgets

• To tell people about your area – check out the widgetbox for weather, news and clocks

• Tracking your visitors – Sue Waters from Edublogs has included in the user guide lots of widgets to add.

• Translate your page in case readers do not speak your language.

**If the widget is too wide, you will have to adjust the number next to ‘width’ in the embed code. (This might appear more than once in the code.)**

Activity 2 Avatar

So that you are known globally, you need to have an avatar that represents you.

Here is a post with links to lots of different avatar sites for you to create an image that looks like you and here is a post for Edublogs or wordpress explaining how to upload your avatar.


Activity 3 Global Events

Being such a small world now, many classes take part in global events such as Earth Hour (coming up very soon, so register this week), Safer Internet Day (back in February), Global Read Aloud Day (ideas for books needed), Pi Day (just passed) and Clean Up Day (just passed in Australia).

**Write a post or posts about special global events you or your class have taken part in. What did you learn from the event? Why should it be global?

Activity 4 Must See Places

If I were to visit your state or province, what would be the ‘must see’ places and why?

Activity 5 Quiz

Create a quiz about your state, country: Check out this quiz Ms. Beabout created about Colorado (USA) using MyQuizCreator.
(**Ms. Beabout’s quiz is embedded in a Page as an example. If you create a quiz for your blog, embed it in a Post)

*Activity 6 Creative Writing

Finally, just for fun, if you have completed one of the other activities perhaps you could try this activity.
When “daddysitting” my father who is just out of hospital, I asked him to give me an activity relating to the topic for this week. He said what about a story about the journey of a small animal like an ant. Remember be creative, use a different webtool and embed into your blogpost.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dimitris Papazimouris via Compfight

Edublogs Blogging Challenge: Week 1 Highlights

Each week during the 10 week long Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge, Sue Wyatt (also known as Miss W) will be posting the Challenge guidelines for that week. I will, in turn, do a post to ‘highlight’ what’s happening in the Challenge including what’s been happening at SIS regarding the Challenge.  Felix in grade 5 has already been recognized by Miss W on Twitter (@tasteach). 

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 4.08.00 PM

WEEK 1: Introducing Me

Many of you (grade 4 and 5 students) should have a basic About Me page. This is one of the first things we did when we set up blogs earlier this year. This is a great opportunity to look at examples, take some time to self-assess your own About Me page, and then update & refine it. 


Miss W suggests you think about…
• What are you going to include?
• What are you going to leave out?
• Does your school have any rules about what you can include on your blog like photos and maps?

 Then, check out the students’ introductions that Miss W listed and think about…

> Have they been careful in what they have included?
> Should some of them change some information on their page?
> Notice they are written in a variety of styles – how are you going to write yours?> What different web tools have they used in their introductions? Check out some of the web tools links on the sidebar of this blog.

Mackenzie Grade 4
Jacob grade 4
Annabel grade 4
Caitlin grade 4
Tatyana aged 17 writing in English from Russia
Olivia blogging for 2 years
Em only 8 years old but 4th year of blogging challenge
Isabella the bookworm
Jake one of our student mentors

**When you have finished your page(s)  go back to Miss W’s Week 1 post and leave a comment. Mention the URL of your blog and why you think she should include your page as a great example in the next challenge in September.

Still got more time left this week??

Miss W recommends…
1. Start visiting other blogs in the student and class list above the flag header of the challenge blog.
2. How many different countries have students or classes participating?
3. Create another page on your blog like a guest profile – ask visitors questions for them to answer in the comments.


Does your classroom blog have any About Me pages? Maybe you could be involved in developing/updating About pages for your classroom blog!

Some classes have a few different about pages – one for their teacher, one for the class and one for the school.

Miss W recommends checking out these class blogs and what they have included:

Mrs Donofrio explains blog title
Mrs Amri also has a text box widget about the blog
Mrs Hankinson’s class wrote poems in the comments to introduce themselves
Mr Woolley’s class created Vokis and embedded them on a page
these 3rd graders dream big,
this 5/6 class created a video
this class from Ireland are great at leaving comments on student blogs around the world
Rebecca’s class has a great welcome post
this class from Serbia includes a movie about their school

**When you have finished your page(s) go back to Miss W’s Week 1 post and leave a comment. Mention the URL of your blog and why you think she should include your page as a great example in the next challenge in September.

 Creative Commons License Photo Credit: David Amsler via Compfight



Are You Ready for a Blogging Challenge?

Blogging Research Wordle
Edublogs has opened registration for their Spring 2014 Blogging Challenge. Individual students and classes are encouraged to participate. It’s a great way to inspire your blogging and connect with other students and classrooms around the world. 

According to Edublogs, the purpose of the blogging challenge is “about getting students to blog and develop a world wide audience while doing so, rather than just having their teacher and classmates look at their work.”

The challenge’s first task will be posted on March 9th (and weekly after that for ten weeks) but you can join in the challenge at any time.  

Want more information? Here are some important links…


Info for First Time Visitors
Challenge FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Background about the Challenge


Challenge Registration Information
Classroom Registration
Individual Student Registration


Registered Classrooms for Blogging Challenge Spring 2014
Registered Individual Students for Blogging Challenge Spring 2014

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other students and classrooms around the world!

Are you or your class interested in get involved in
Student Blogging Challenge? Why? How?

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kristina B via Compfight


Share Your Best Blog Post So Far…

I tend to scribble a lot
Grades 4 and 5 have had several months of blogging experience now and it’s time to share out your progress as a blogger. 

1. Review and discuss QUALITIES OF A RELEVANT AND ENGAGING POST with your classmates and teacher. 
2. Review your posts on your blogs and select one you think is a QUALITY POST.  
3. Write a post for your blog about your quality post. Include the following in your post…
          > Short summary (1 – 2 sentences) about your Quality Post
          > An explanation about what makes it a Quality Post (content and appearance)
> A reflection on how you could improve future posts
          > A link to your ‘best post so far’ (not just to your blog)

4. If you are especially proud of a post you have done, leave a comment on THIS post with a link to your Quality Post!

(How To Insert Links in Comments)

insert link in comments


Photo Credit: Nic McPhee via Compfight

The 2013 Edublogs Awards – Nominations Due December 1!

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of … social media.

Nominations – NOW through December 1st

How To Nominate

To nominate your favorites:

  1. Write a post with your nominations for the different categories on your own blog (or a website – anywhere public) – here is an example of a nomination post from 2012.
  2.  Send Edublogs the link to your nomination post by completing this form here
  • Best individual blog
  • Best group blog
  • Best new blog
  • Best class blog
  • Best student blog
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best library / librarian blog
  • Best administrator blog
  • Most influential blog post of the year
  • Best individual tweeter
  • Best twitter hashtag
  • Best free web tool
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast
  • Best educational wiki
  • Best open PD / unconference / webinar series
  • Best educational use of a social network
  • Best mobile app
  • Lifetime achievement

Nomination tips:

  1.  Nominate in as many categories as you want!
  2. You can’t nominate yourself ;)
  3. Nominations must be made somewhere public – your blog, a forum on a ning, a school website, etc.
  4. Even if you see your favorite has already been nominated, it is best to nominate them again
  5. Categories are competitive, and only the most nominated will make it to the voting round
  6. Share your nominations using twitter (#eddies13), facebook, Google+ and email

Help and Support for Edublogs App on iPad