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Adding an Image (Badge) Widget

In October, I did a post on adding an image (badge) widget to an Edublogs blog. The directions were specifically for creating an image widget for SIS ES Library. Here are the general directions for adding an image widget.



Adding images and badges to your sidebar (from Edublogs User Guide)

The Image widget plugin makes it easy to add images and badges to your sidebar.

Once you’ve activated the image widget plugin in Plugins an image widget is added toAppearance > Widgets.

To add an image:

1.  Go to Appearance > Widget in your Dashboard.

2.  Click on the desired Sidebar to expand (so you can add the widgets)

3.  Drag the Image widget from the Available Widgets into the desired Sidebar.

4.  Click on Add Image.

5.  Click on Select File,  locate the image and then click Open to upload the image.

6.  Click Insert into Widget.

7.   Add your Title (1)

8.  Add the text you want to appear below the image into the Caption field (2).

  • Supports the use of HTML code so you can use this to link to websites and format the text.

9.  Add a website URL to Link field (3) if you want to link the image to a specific website.

10.  Select Open New Window (4) if you want the link to open in new browser tab.

11. Select your preferred alignment from the drop down menu next to Align (5).

12.  Click Save.

13.  You should now see your image widget in your sidebar!

4/5 Blogs #2: Image (Badge) Widget

(See more about adding images to pages and posts HERE)

An image (or badge) widget lets you add an image to your sidebar with the option to include a URL (link), title and/or description.

TASK: To add an image widget linked to the ES Library to your blog
**DO this task on a laptop or desktop**

You will need:
> An icon image to represent the ES Library
*You can use the image Ms. Beabout used (on desk/laptop = right click and “save picture as….”)
**you can select one at http://findicons.com – see instructions below if you want to choose your own icon**

> An image widget from Widgets in your dashboard

> Once you drag the image widget to your sidebar, ‘add image’ and “insert into widget”. Then include the following information:
*Title OR Caption = SIS ES Library
*Link = share.sis.org.cn/elemlibrary
*Open in New Window
*Width = 100 Height = 100
*Align = center

>Save and then test it out on your blog to make sure it connects you to the Mountainside Library site

EXTENSION: Is there another website you’d like to highlight on your blog using an image widget?

**Find your own icon**
If you choose to find your own icon for this task, you must follow these instructions!!
>Go to  http://findicons.com and enter “library” in the Search box
>In the Refinement box on the left side of the page, select “No link required” next to “License”
>When you find the image you would like to use, click on PNG to download the image