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Maintain a consistent schedule over the summer months

Summer vacation is just around the corner! This is a time to relax—but not a time to relax important routines. Routines help your child cooperate, develop responsibility and become self-disciplined. They also make it easier to adjust when school starts again. Let’s plan ahead and consider some routines to put in place.

Maintain routines for:

  • Sleep. During the summer, your child’s bedtime and rising time may be later than usual. Once you choose a reasonable sleep schedule, however, stick with it.
  • Reading. Summer offers extra time for reading. Visit the library and encourage reading every day, including in fun spots, such as the pool or the park.
  • Meals. Make it a priority to have at least one family meal a day. This is a chance to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Screen time. Extra free time should not mean more time for TV and video games. Use the guideline recommended by experts—no more than 10 hours of screen time total per week.

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