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Are you helping your child live a healthy lifestyle?

Children need good health and physical well-being to learn. Are you setting your child up for success by helping him establish healthy habits? Here are some questions for you to reflect on to find out:

  • Do you enforce a regular bedtime? Being well-rested will help your child focus in school.
  • Do you provide breakfast for your child? Research shows that students who skip breakfast in the morning don’t do as well in school as students who do eat breakfast.
  • Do you encourage your child to eat nutritious snacks, including fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you encourage your child to have an outlet for stress, such as exercising, playing outside, or writing in a journal?

How well are you doing? For each yes means you are helping your child establish healthy habits. Great job! For each no means you should try out that idea to help your child further develop healthy habits starting early in the school year.

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