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Improve your child’s reading skills by reading yourself!

We are so happy to see all of our parents and students at our Parent-Teacher Conversations today, focused on student learning, wellbeing, and growth. We are confident our students will have another fabulous year this year through our strong home-school partnership.

As such, parent’s example and guidance from home always teaches a powerful lesson. You can’t teach a child honesty if you don’t tell the truth. You can’t teach a child to eat healthy food if you never eat fruits or vegetables. The same is true with reading. If you want your child to be a good reader, your own reading habits will make a huge impression.

You can:

  • Show your child how you read for information. Say, “I’m trying to figure out how to use a new computer program for work. This article explains how it works.”
  • Read for a purpose.  Are you looking for a new recipe for dinner? Show him how you search online or flip through cookbooks to find one to try.
  • Read for leisure. When your child sees you reading just to relax, he will realize that reading isn’t just for school or work.
  • Share something you’re reading. If there’s an interesting story in the paper, read some of it aloud. Print or cut out an article you think your child will enjoy and leave it on his bed. Your child will see that reading is something that is fun to share.
  • Take your child with you when you go to the library or the book store. Show him how rewarding it can be to browse titles and find just the right book.
  • Bring something to read with you everywhere you go. Your child will see that reading is a constructive way to pass the time.

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