As it grew taller and taller every day, from each floor to floor

As the progress went on and on our ambition grew greater and greater

Yes we had times when we believed that we’ll reach the summit of the earth

But who knew our ambition was nothing but a lousy and reckless defiance and a curse


Who would forget that day of judgment and His sacred hand

Just how foolish we were facing the salvation and did we not understand?

Now I know how arrogant and snobbish we were trying to oppose the absolute

Oh, now I know we shall live for nothing but for thy given vocation and go the right route


We tried to speak through mouth but nothing came out

It was the simple perplexity that caused the bluster

We fretted and fumed trying to say the unintelligible word

But nothing came out but an empty sound


Even today, alas, we regret the day

We weren’t aware and we stayed up all night with pray

I am sorry my son for letting you face the utter confusion

Oh my Lord, forgive us and convince us that it was all just a delusion

Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

The Tower of Babel is a story that appears in the Bible. A population lived in the area of Mesopotamia in Babylon. They settled in a land named Shinar, and they all spoke one language. The people decided to build a tower, a proud symbol of how great they had made their nation. The Babylonians wanted a tower that would reach to the heavens so that they could be like God and that they would not need Him. However, God did not like the pride and arrogance in the hearts of the people. God caused the people to suddenly speak different languages so they could not communicate and work together to build the tower. This caused the people to scatter across the land. The tower was later named The Tower of Babel because the word Babel means confusion.

My creative piece is a poem that I wrote based on a painting  “The Tower of Babel” drawn by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Through the poem, I was trying to go into the life of a man who experienced this event, and I tried to show his regrets toward this incident. I didn’t quite follow a particular rhyme pattern, but I used end rhymes in several places. When I was writing this poem, I was really careful with the word choices. I used dictionaries, thesaurus, idiom dictionary in order to find the perfect words or phrases that suit the overall mood of my poem. Also, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th stanza are structured in a way so that the first line is the shortest, then as it goes on to the lines that follow, the length of the lines gets longer and longer; It gets narrower as it goes up. By structuring that way, I was trying to give an impression of the tower.