My Comparison Poem:

I used to be natural, growing limitlessly,
now I’m man made, full of chemicals.
I used to be pure,
now I’m muddled.
I used to be spotless, there’s not a mark,
then suddenly I’m scratched up, a couple tones darker.
I used to be one in many,
now I’m one and only.
For a spell of time I used to be important, everything relies in me.
now I’m hated, tossed aside as scrap,
I used to be part of a stack, I wasn’t alone,
now I’m in the trash, nobody knows me, nobody knows each other.
I used to be worth something,
now I’m not worth a penny.
I used to be kept in a water proof place,
now I’m on a conveyor belt headed to the incinerator.
My Couplet Poem:
Death is easy,
it won’t make you queasy.
you won’t feel laziness,
you don’t see haziness.
Think it can be dreams,
it is all as it seems.
Then materializes after it dissolves,
and furthermore evolves.
The usual countdown with its beeping,
and promptly screeching,
the dread transpired,
the nightmare initiated.
And Finally My Summary Poem:
Spongebob woke up to multiple jellyfish alerts,
Patrick joined at fireman pole.
There was friction and burning hands the whole way down,
However, underwater, heat doesn’t stay for long
But being zapped by jellyfishes is always the outcome.