Barbara Dorsey <3


Honor Society: Barbara Dorsey

This piece that Im proud to share is what  I consider my strongest piece. The Whole subject/ unit in general influenced me in a way that placed me somewhere I can really share my opinion upon the story.Ive dedicated tons of time perfecting it  this piece annotating it trying it make it as good as it could be.There are of course many improvement, even if i was to go back and look on this piece again, but as of right now I’m accepting my work and i wouldst be proud to share it with my peers if i wasn’t. My biggest achievement in this piece was realising how much better my english improve because my struggles has always been choosing words that relating to what i feel but i never could really get it out there in a way i wanted it too, now i can see my progression and theres improvements, I’m eager to keeping improving.

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