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out of total of 6 creative writing we’ve done this semester, my very first one— a story about my childhood is my most passionate piece.

This is a very unique piece for me: my very first time sharing a personal story that is written in 3rd person. Compare to other pieces, I dedicate lots of efforts by spending times marking my grammatical errors, (organise sentence structure, and check verse-shift) and asked peers to look over as well as feedbacks, to make it as good as it could be. I am really proud of this piece.

There are lots of achievements from this writing. I improved a lot by choosing suitable words, such as adverbs and adjectives. When i read again, every sentence were full of descriptive words and as a reader, it was easy to picture while reading, having liveliness.

This obviously isn’t my best piece, however, i learned a lot from this.

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