Creative Piece Worth Sharing

In Art & Poetry unit, students had the choice to either write a poem based on a painting or draw a painting based on a poem. I chose the latter, and the poem I chose was “A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky” by Lewis Carroll. The end product and the description are all here.

Writing Worth Sharing

Students were assigned to write a research paper on any of the topics mentioned in the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. I chose Navajo Art (Sandpainting) as my research topic, since I was interested in Native American Art, and here is my research paper.

“Honor Society” Essay

Essay_Honor Society

In the Argumentative Writing unit, we read several texts by different authors, and had to write essays based on their themes. One of them was “Honor Society” by Sherman Alexie. It depicts a Native American boy making a decision between loyalty to his tribe and better education for his future.

In my essay, I put forth the theme that complete acceptance is nonexistent if even the slightest resistance exists at the same time, and that accepting the reality is not always the right or the best thing to do, that sometimes a strong belief in the falseness can change the impossible into possible.

I thought this essay had a unique theme and presented an important message to the readers. And it is one of the pieces of mine that I am willing to share.

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