The Story of Ages -Short Story/Free Verse Poem

The Circus – Couplet Poem

The House in the Meadow -Creative Writing

The House in the Meadow

I think this is one of the strongest pieces I’ve turned in this year. During our creative writing unit, I really pushed myself to put out my best work. ¬†Whenever I was asked to write a fictional short story, my mind flooded with ideas. I think creative writing is one of my greatest strengths, and one of my greatest passions. In class, we were given scenes to set a short story to. I got a picture of a meadow and immediately I knew I was going to make the best of the requirements. This one was fun to write and interesting to watch my friends and peers read. I have always loved a good twist at the end and I included one in this story. I think that I exercised my imagination the most during this unit and especially this short story.


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