The Great Hunt

It was a cold winter night in the mountains of Siberia, the freezing cold wind touching my skin felt like small blades flying by, and as the sun sets it makes a ray of colors as if it were a painting. But now is where I start to worry, as I view the beautiful sunset I have to realize that it will be dark soon and I can’t go home empty-handed, the sun sets quicker than expected. It is almost to the point of it being pitch black. I put on my night vision goggles and now all though in shades of gray I can now see again. I slowly start to creep around the forest being very cautious about where I step and what’s around me, and I have my trustworthy 12 gauge shotgun by my side aimed and ready to fire at any given moment. I keep on forward and I see a glowing from the red notifying that is the temperature is hotter. I take a few steps in that direction and realize that a bear has just marked its territory by scratching the tree, and notice that it is still close. I lift up my shotgun and slowly examine the area around me, and sure enough there they are fresh bear tracks. I slowly start to lurk in that direction. After following the footprints for some time they just come to an end. I look around but it appeared to no avail, I thought I had lost the bear. But then I look at the tree to my left and see fresh heated scratch marks. I slowly start to peer at what’s above me, and sure enough there it is. My heart skips a beat, but it did nothing, just stared at me with a deadly gaze. I can see the heat being emitted from its body, the saliva dripping from its mouth, and its gigantic eyes gazing at me with anger. I want to move but I can’t, I am stuck in place and I can’t move a muscle. Then I break out of that fear when I see it slowly raise its lips to expose its enormous teeth that were as sharp and big as daggers. Then suddenly it pounces toward me, then I hear “Timmothy come on time for dinner, oh biscuit get off of him”

I reply “ok here I come mom, cmon biscuit lets go eat.”

“Hows my little adventurer doing?” my mom asks

I respond with “I’m doing good mom. I’m doing good.”

Broken leash By Taughfeek McDonald

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