Creative Art Piece- Heeju C.

Creative Poem

The Great Hunt

It was a cold winter night in the mountains of Siberia, the freezing cold wind touching my skin felt like small blades flying by, and as the sun sets it makes a ray of colors as if it were a painting. But now is where I start to worry, as I view the beautiful sunset I have to realize that it will be dark soon and I can’t go home empty-handed, the sun sets quicker than expected. It is almost to the point of it being pitch black. I put on my night vision goggles and now all though in shades of gray I can now see again. I slowly start to creep around the forest being very cautious about where I step and what’s around me, and I have my trustworthy 12 gauge shotgun by my side aimed and ready to fire at any given moment. I keep on forward and I see a glowing from the red notifying that is the temperature is hotter. I take a few steps in that direction and realize that a bear has just marked its territory by scratching the tree, and notice that it is still close. I lift up my shotgun and slowly examine the area around me, and sure enough there they are fresh bear tracks. I slowly start to lurk in that direction. After following the footprints for some time they just come to an end. I look around but it appeared to no avail, I thought I had lost the bear. But then I look at the tree to my left and see fresh heated scratch marks. I slowly start to peer at what’s above me, and sure enough there it is. My heart skips a beat, but it did nothing, just stared at me with a deadly gaze. I can see the heat being emitted from its body, the saliva dripping from its mouth, and its gigantic eyes gazing at me with anger. I want to move but I can’t, I am stuck in place and I can’t move a muscle. Then I break out of that fear when I see it slowly raise its lips to expose its enormous teeth that were as sharp and big as daggers. Then suddenly it pounces toward me, then I hear “Timmothy come on time for dinner, oh biscuit get off of him”

I reply “ok here I come mom, cmon biscuit lets go eat.”

“Hows my little adventurer doing?” my mom asks

I respond with “I’m doing good mom. I’m doing good.”

Broken leash By Taughfeek McDonald

Celine’s Portfolio

Poem From 2nd Semester

I chose this metaphor poem to share because it was better than the found poem I had written, but this is not my best work. We were given the homework task to write a metaphor poem with the help of a example poem and this is what I came up with. I decided to have ice display life and all the cracks and dents and dead fish show the negative things that occur in life. Dancing on ice shows how this person talking to Johnny did not give up when their life became tough, but instead kept going.

Ben Steller

Image & Poem

“A Clean Well-Lighted Place” – Analysis essay

Our grade read several writing that particularly written by Sherman Alexie. Until now, we read two short stories; “Honor Society” and , “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” and furthermore the book called “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, which all written by Sherman Alexie.

Personally, I liked writing short stories, since there are large variety of choice and more opportunities to write in the way I want. However, I chose this “Shadow of the Leaves” as the piece of writing that i’m most proud of myself. This writing is types of analysis essay that I analysed based on the short story called “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” by Sherman Alexie.

Reason that I like and proud of this piece is because this is the piece that I most enjoyed and passionate writing about. While we were reading through this short story. We analysed the essay by note taking. We sat around in a circle to discuss, and also went deeply into the essay to find out the inner meanings even by comparing the story with Sherman Alexie’s life. During this process, I liked identifying the hidden meanings, most of Sherman Alexie’s writing seems to be meaningless. But topic he writes, contains controversial topics and usually very heavy with the meaningful meaning hidden behind. Also this writing is great piece to see my overall progress in this year. Since, this piece was the lastest writing that I submitted.

The Old Mn on The Shadow of LEaves-qlf7vu

creative writing 1

out of total of 6 creative writing we’ve done this semester, my very first one— a story about my childhood is my most passionate piece.

This is a very unique piece for me: my very first time sharing a personal story that is written in 3rd person. Compare to other pieces, I dedicate lots of efforts by spending times marking my grammatical errors, (organise sentence structure, and check verse-shift) and asked peers to look over as well as feedbacks, to make it as good as it could be. I am really proud of this piece.

There are lots of achievements from this writing. I improved a lot by choosing suitable words, such as adverbs and adjectives. When i read again, every sentence were full of descriptive words and as a reader, it was easy to picture while reading, having liveliness.

This obviously isn’t my best piece, however, i learned a lot from this.

cw #1-18cjay4

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