Where We Are In Place And Time


Unit of Inquiry: Where We Are In Place And Time: Patterns In Nature

Central Idea: Humans observe patterns in nature in order to thrive in the environment. 

Lines of inquiry:

1. Patterns in the sky
2. Changes in weather and seasons

3. Seasonal celebrations


Key Concepts:

  • Form – What is it like?
  • Change – How is it changing?
  • Connection – How is it connected to other things?  

Related Concepts:





Learner profile:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable

 Key Vocabulary:

phenomenon, patterns, space, phases, cycles, observations, data


In this unit, learners begin to orientate themselves to the patterns found in nature, i.e. the sun, moon, and seasonal patterns. The patterns are observed from a first graders’ point of view as they look up at the sky. As they wonder about and observe these patterns, they begin to make connections to cultural (harvest) celebrations and how they are tied to these same sky patterns. They begin to discover how patterns found in nature can help them predict and choose what to wear, which activities to plan for in their outside play, etc.

Literacy Integration:

The Reading and Writing Workshop models tie nicely into this UOI as we begin to delve into the nonfiction genre. Students begin to notice how authors label their illustrations in order to provide more information to the reader. As students write their first “how-to” books, they learn that this skill of labeling will help readers of their own work be successful at doing what it is they are trying to teach.

Home connections: 

-Read every night with your learner. Ask what season they think is represented in the book. Ask them how do they know?

-Find fun tasks at home…washing the car, doing a load of laundry, etc. Talk about the steps it takes to complete that task. Let your child pick a task and explain the steps to you.

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