Who We Are

Who We Are 

Central Idea: An understanding of personal and social skills contributes to success in learning. 

Lines of inquiry:

1. Noticing and naming our own and others’ feelings. 

2. How citizens contribute to their communities

3. Strategies for problem-solving with others. 

Key Concepts:

Perspective- What are the points of view?

Responsibility- What is ours?

Refection- How do we know?

Related Concepts:

-compassion and empathy 

-social problem-solving skills


Learner profile:

Principled, caring, balanced 

Key Vocabulary:

Community, responsibility, success, citizen, contribute, contribution


In this early unit, learners take time to inquire about their classroom community and their personal contribution. Learners being to recognize body language and how others might be feeling. They listen to others and make choices that support a caring community. They practice throughout the day with their peers.

Literacy Integration:

The Reading and Writing Workshop models tie nicely into this UOI. Students use open-minded skills to listen to stories and work to empathize with the characters. During our narrative writing unit, learners use reflection to write about their own life stories.


Home connections: 

-Read every night with your learner. Ask questions about the story and how the characters may feel and if they’ve felt this way before.

-Observe the moon, stars, and sun and discuss the patterns you notice.