International Week invitations

Hello everyone, as you know, International Week is always an exciting week at SIS where we celebrate the diversity of our school’s population. As always, we would like to send out an invitation to parents who might like to come in and share an activity, a craft, a story, or anything else from their home country to share traditions with the kids. International week will take place the week of November 25th to the 29th so if you have an idea of something that you would like to do please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a day and time that you would like to come in and share.

Open invitation to parents who would like to attend a workshop on the importance of Mother Tongue with Dr. Gini Rojas

Hello everyone,

Please see the link below to get information about an excellent opportunity for parents to hear from an expert on supporting Mother Tongue with our students. Dr. Rojas will be visiting our school next week to work with SIS staff to help us improve our teaching. However, she also wanted to make sure to make some time for parents to share her knowledge with you as well.

Gini Rojas Invite Translated

Field Trip to Pizza Hut!

Yesterday we send home permission slips for our Pizza Hut field trip.  The students are excited to go learn about how pizza is made.  There was a typo on our field trip permission slip we will be coming back to school at 11:45 A.M.   The students will still have time for lunch in the cafeteria.  We know that some students have allergies if this is an issue for your child please send an alternative snack for them to eat at Pizza Hut.

Some resources for our next unit of inquiry

Hello folks,

When we return from the Golden Week holiday we will be starting our How We Organize Ourselves unit. In this unit, we will be focusing on the scientific process and learning about why scientists all over the world follow the same procedure whenever they conduct an experiment. We will be learning about the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas), and how they change. We will make connections to writing by learning how to write “how to” stories teaching others the steps involved to complete a task, we will connect to reading by learning about non-fiction text features; and we will connect to math by learning about measurement in inches and centimetres.

If you wish to have a chat with your child over the break about this, here are some resources that Ms. Brandt found that might be helpful:

Science Bob website with lots of fun experiments that you can do at home:

Explanations of the different parts of the scientific process and what it means:

The Scientific Process


Also, here is a quizlet that Ms. Brandt created to learn some of the key vocabulary that we will be using during our unit:


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.



Weekly update

Hello folks,

As we wrap up another week in Grade 2 it is hard to believe that our first Unit of Inquiry is almost finished! Next week will be our final week learning about how our students identify themselves in their communities and what they can do to contribute to their communities in a positive way. We will be asking for help from parents to showcase examples of our students contributing to their communities in different ways (either with a photo, a video, or anything else that can be uploaded to their Seesaw account) so that they will be able to use these examples to write personal narratives about what it is that they have done.

Next week we will also be giving a math assessment to check and see how we are progressing towards meeting our Numbers in Base Ten standards. Students will be given a chance to show what they know about identifying hundreds, tens, and ones, skip counting, and showing number in different ways. They will also show what they have learned so far with addition and subtraction.

We continue to work on building reading stamina, and reading fluency through figuring out tricky words. Students are using what they know about vowel teams, words within words, and finding just right books for independent reading time.



As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. Have a great weekend!

Weekly update

Happy Monday everyone! This will be a short week with the holiday this Friday, but it will be busy nonetheless!

We have been working hard to complete our first round of MAP tests in the last 2 weeks. We have a couple of classes with one test left this week and then we will be all finished until the next test in January. The kids have been doing great, especially since it is their first time taking this test.

This week we will be continuing to focus on our Unit of Inquiry, specifically our first and third lines of inquiry: Roles and Responsibilities in the Community, and Different communities. Students will be learning about the leadership at SIS, what their roles are and what responsibilities they have in our school. They will also look at different communities around the world and inquire into how these groups are similar in the ways that they contribute to their communities.

We will incorporate some writing lessons on nouns and verbs to continue to improve our writing by giving more details on who people are, where they are, and what they are doing. We are continuing to work on writing personal narratives and improving our stories by stretching out small moments with lots of details.

In math we continue to review place value into the hundreds place and will reinforce this by thinking about how each student is an individual in a larger community. We will use what we are learning to analyze the student population at SIS.

This Thursday we will have a special presentation from Inspire Citizens who will be talking to students about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Next week on Wednesday, September 18th we will hold our first parent/teacher conferences. A link to sign up for conferences will be coming later this week. That same day our annual Book Sale will be taking place. Students will have a chance to look at the books the day before and make a wish list that can be purchased on Wednesday (while supplies last).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. Have a great week!