Our Last Assembly

The fourth grade put on an amazing assembly for our last day of school. Four 2A students were recognized at the assembly. Zhen, Meilin and Halle got awards for their effort in the classroom and as global citizens. 2A voted for Grace for our class citizenship award for the year. Congratulations, and have a great summer!

Last Day of School

While I know my students are ready for a new learning and adventures in third grade, I too am ready for new adventures and learning in Riga, Latvia. I will be teaching second grade again at my new school, the International School of Latvia. It has been a wonderful year of learning and fun. Farewell to all my 2A Superheroes! You have made my final year at SIS the best yet!

Market Day Fun!

We had a very exciting morning! First, the fifth graders came to see how we made our businesses better as a result of their feedback from the first Market Day. Meanwhile the parents were gathering in the Gecko Theater, eager to begin shopping! At 8:30 we handed out 30 RMB play money to every shopper. Many parents chose to match play money with real money. As a result our Market Day raised over 3000 RMB to donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!

Parents found many interesting goods and services at Market Day. It was hard to choose what to buy! After Market Day ended, students counted their money and calculated their costs and their earnings. Of our ten 2A businesses, only two businesses made a profit. The other businesses made a loss, which I reassured them is very common for a new business. Finally, students had a chance to trade any reminding goods and services with each other.

In preparing for the Market Day experiences, students learned some important basic principles of economics… and had lots of fun!

Practice Market Day

On Thursday afternoon, second graders got to try out their business ideas for our first Market Day. We invited the fifth grade students to be our customers, but also to give feedback to the businesses to help them to make improvements. When students reflected about their experience today, we found that no business made a profit. This was frustrating, but allowed students to see how challenging it can be to make a business profitable. Students noticed how things like price and location were important in attracting customers. Students’ homework this weekend is to come up with new ideas for goods or services to sell for our final Market Day on June 8th. 

Second Grade School Store

“Look but don’t touch!” we cautioned second graders as they entered the building through enticing tables laden with school supplies, toys, and fancy stationary items. In the classroom we introduced the second grade school store challenge: Each student would receive a budget of 30RMB (play money) to buy supplies for the day. (All the usual school supplies were “closed” for the day, to make the experience authentic.) As we explained the activity to the students and showed them the prices of the items, they quickly realized the importance in making choices. One student exclaimed, “So, we have to choose between what we want and what we need!”

The shopping experience was very interesting to watch. Students had receipts which they had to fill out to show the price of the items they chose. Some students shopped for their needs first, and then browsed the “fancy” items to see if they could buy anything else. Other students chose one special item they really wanted, and then budgeted for a few basic school needs. Mrs. Sung was our cashier, checking items and prices before students returned to their classrooms with their purchases.

We had some surprises during the day! A few students did not buy pencils, and others had no paper. Students who did not buy colors were disappointed at coloring time, and those who did not buy food were hungry at snack time. We worked around the challenges, and in the end the school store was a great introduction to our producers and consumers unit!

Students comparing purchases after the school store.

Student-Led Conferences

We had a wonderful day of Student-Led Conferences on Thursday. It was delightful to be able to watch students independently teach their parents about what we have been learning in the different subjects. Many students also enjoyed giving a room tour or doing mindfulness practice with their families. From insect books to math to mindfulness, you can see from the feedback on the morning message that there was a lot to enjoy about Student-Led Conferences!