Market Day Fun!

We had a very exciting morning! First, the fifth graders came to see how we made our businesses better as a result of their feedback from the first Market Day. Meanwhile the parents were gathering in the Gecko Theater, eager to begin shopping! At 8:30 we handed out 30 RMB play money to every shopper. Many parents chose to match play money with real money. As a result our Market Day raised over 3000 RMB to donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!

Parents found many interesting goods and services at Market Day. It was hard to choose what to buy! After Market Day ended, students counted their money and calculated their costs and their earnings. Of our ten 2A businesses, only two businesses made a profit. The other businesses made a loss, which I reassured them is very common for a new business. Finally, students had a chance to trade any reminding goods and services with each other.

In preparing for the Market Day experiences, students learned some important basic principles of economics… and had lots of fun!

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