Our First Unit

Our central idea for this first unit is “People can collaborate to organize society.” The lines of inquiry are…

  1. Rights and responsibilities of people in a community
  2. How organized communities function
  3. Decision making

The learner attributes we will focus on are being a communicator, risk taker and learning to be reflective. Some questions that students will inquire are

What are rules? When are they important?

How do we show respect to each other?

What is a  community?

What does cooperation look like?

As a reader, students are learning to find books that fit them as a reader. We are working on building our stamina and basic routines during reading workshop. As a writer, students are exploring with writing narratives and learning the steps to the writing process. As a mathematician, we are learning basic routines using number talks and word problems. Students are learning how to work with partners and independently.

Stay tuned for more details regarding our first unit.