Weekly Wrap Up (September 23-27)

Students have been busy this week finishing up their final assessments for our first Unit of Inquiry! They have been finishing up their Cultural Heritage summative projects in the form of either a Keynote or an art piece. Some of these may be submitted to a local art festival in Shekou!

Students also took their Unit 1 place value and rounding post-assessments this week along with assessments in both reading and writing. Everyone has been doing a fantastic job of completing their Realistic Fiction writing pieces as well! Finished pieces include dialogue, “showing not telling” details, character traits, and an ongoing progression from the establishment of the problem, the rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution!

Please congratulate your children on their hard work and be sure to allow them a well-deserved break over the holiday. However, please encourage your children to bring along a book or two in their luggage to relax with!

Also, today is “Dress to Express Yourself” Day!

Have a wonderful holiday!

G4 Team

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