Weekly Wrap Up (November 18 – November 21)

This past week was short but packed with events!

Students in 4A and 4B displayed their learning to their parents in a class share-out last Thursday and Friday. Students were eager to teach and their parents were eager to learn what their children have been doing in school!

We began our third Unit of Inquiry, dealing with economies and how “resources influence systems of exchange”. Ms. Kim came in to do a vocabulary activity to familiarize students with some of the terms students will need to be familiar with in order to begin thinking about the major project for this unit, how to run your own business! (Please keep this a secret until your children find out from their own teachers!) Students also completed the pre-assessment and have been delving into the vocabulary for our next math unit on geometry.

Students have been planning and researching evidence for an SDG (sustainable development goal) of their choice. They will be using this information to write a final essay for the writing unit.

Ms. Graff, our school librarian, has also been doing lessons about how to search effectively using the right search terms and key words when doing research.MAP testing also begins this week and eye testing continues.

The ES Drama Club is also putting on a preview of the “Pirates” musical for elementary students and staff on Wednesday morning. STUCO has also been busy selling tickets for the evening shows this Wednesday and Thursday! Please come if you are able as many of our fourth grade students are part of the cast!

International Week also starts today! Parents have already come in to do presentations about their home language and culture!






Eye testing

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