Ms. Ramos

Hello! My name is Sydney Ramos. For the past eight years I have worked abroad in the Middle East, and Asia.  Before that I worked in the United States (Texas) in primary education. I love working with children, as I am a parent myself with two adult children and its because of them I highly value education. I like living and working abroad because I fell in love with the diversity of people, and the cultures I learned to value and respect.  I find my interests, have made me a more open-minded and compassionate person about people, places, and life in general. 

As a teacher, there is nothing more rewarding then having a student acknowledge you as a mentor or role-model for helping them achieve their success.  It’s those moments in a teacher life that we know our purpose, and why we advocate for children’s education.  To change, to grow and to make the world a better place.  I believe your students deserve the very best teacher and I am confident that my education and experiences will contribute to the quality education our school provides. I’m very excited for the coming school year with my students, and look forward to an adventurous second year at SIS.