Reading Buddies!

1A is fortunate enough to have reading buddies this year and our reading buddies are from Mr. Little’s 4th grade class. Today was the 3rd time we have met and it was an exciting day! The 4th graders shared stories that they wrote themselves. Let me tell you that they were excellent! When they were finished sharing, we were able to share stories with them that we have written. The kids took so much pride in sharing their stories. You saw smiles and heard good conversations all around the room.

It is very beneficial for the young students to see what the older students have accomplished. It gives them something to strive for. It is also a great way for the older students to be teachers and help the younger students.

Enjoy the photos!!


Thanksgiving was a huge success for grade 1 and it could not have been done with out the help from the parents. It was great to have you here and your food was delicious. Have a look at our pictures from our Thanksgiving activities!

Busy Week!


We had a busy week here in 1A but the students did great! They have been working very hard in Reader’s and Writer’s workshop. In Reader’s Workshop, the students have been focusing on re-reading to make sure it makes sense to them. If they come across a sentence they did not understand, they go back and see what through them off and do their best to correct it.

In Writer’s Workshop, the students have continued to write small moments. What we have been focusing on this week is how to be the best partner we can be. The students have been taking turns reading their stories to the partners. We want the partner who is listening to be able to respond to the story and ask questions to the reader. This will help the reader to add details to their stories and create the best story they can.

In Math, the students have been busy working on Patterns, Even/Odd numbers, and adding and subtracting using a number line. The students have created AB, ABC, ABCD, and many other types of patterns by using pattern blocks and other manipulatives. The students have been exploring Even/Odd numbers but trying to see which numbers will and will not make two equal pairs. The number line has helped the students to visualize adding and subtracting by making hops on the number line. They start on one number and move up(more) or down(less) to figure out the answers.

Book Week was a huge success here at SIS. This was a great way to show the students how important reading is and how fun it truly is. The students listened to many stories told by two terrific story tellers. They participated in D.E.A.R which means Drop Everything And Read. They were also able to dress up as their favorite book character and we saw some great costumes! Take a look at our pictures from the week! 

SIS Book Week!

This week is book week here at SIS. The students will participate in different reading activities throughout the week. There is also a book sale! I will be giving the students time to look at the books and they can write down the titles for you. You may come to school at anytime to purchase books for your children. Please DO NOT send money in for books with your children.
On Friday, the students can come in dressed as their favorite book character!
Please click on the poster link below to learn more about the events.