Here is a look at our 5 outstanding candidates for Class Representative. They all did a great job with their presentations and should be proud of themselves. It was a close vote and it is my pleasure to announce that Kaj will be our Class Representative for the 2014-15 school year!


“Flipped Math”

What is a ‘flipped classroom’?

“The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion or debates.” (Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching).

In grade 3 we are going to start “flipping” the classroom for math. The purpose of flipping the classroom is to shift from passive to active learning  and to focus on higher order thinking skills. The idea is to have leaners access the content individually prior to class time, watch the math videos posted on our blogs, and explore content through active learning and enrichment activities in class.

Please support your children as they do their homework independently.

Click on our “Math Videos” tab and have your child watch video 2.1.

Sometimes your child would be able to do his math homework without watching the tutorial.