Educational Sites and Apps!


Educational Sites & Apps

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Math Apps
Splash Math
Everyday Math Apps
My Math App
Motion Math: Hungry Fish
Pizza Fractions
Math Geometry
Ice Math Ninja

Grammar / Spelling Apps
Phonics Vowels
Long Vowels
Compound Word Puzzles
Spelling City
Was and Were
Grammar Wonderland
Word Wonderland
Word Waddle

Reading Sites – James Patterson’s site dedicated to making kids readers for life
 – phonics, grammar, and mechanics practice

Tumblebooks – Listen to stories online! Username: shekouis  Password: books

Spelling Site

Math Sites

3rd Grade Unit 1: Numbers

Everyday Math Online:  Number Grid Game / Number Grid Difference / Name That Number / Addition Top It

Ten Frame – Thinking about numbers using frames of 10 can be a helpful way to learn basic number facts.

Arithmetic Four – Solve the math problem correctly and choose which column to drop your coin. Connect four of your color and win. You choose which type of math problems to play with.

Number Twins – Match pairs of balls that add up to ten.

Math Lines – Destroy balls that form pairs that add up to ten.

Splat Square – Patterns in multiplication

Splat Square – Numbers to 100

Interactive Clock – This clock will allow you to change the time in whatever minute/hour
intervals you want.

Primary Krypto – Combine five number cards using the four arithmetic operations to arrive at a “target” number. – Math games that support each of our units. – Print practice sheets for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. – A site with games to build reading and math skills, as well as some that are just plain fun! – Try addition or subtraction, then click on The Number Monster for fact practice. – A great math site with virtual manipulatives for reinforcing basic skills. To access 2nd grade appropriate materials, go to PreK – 2 Numbers & Operations. Mrs. Ruthai’s pick for an extra challenge: Circle 99! – Download sheets for math fact practice, as well as time and money. – Interactive games for all subject areas. Simply type the kind of math you want to practice into the search box, and a list of options will pop up! – Fun math games for kids! Start with Formula Fusion and choose a game. – Fun games for time, money, and more like sudoku and memory games!


Science Sites – BrainPopJr. videos about science concepts. Check out the energy and matter videos! – Interactive sites for all subject areas. Type what you wish to explore into the search box (i.e. butterflies) and voila! You will have a list of sites to choose from. – Click 3 – 5 for interactive reinforcements for our science units.

Social Studies

Typing Sites
Dance Mat Typing

Power Typing

Keyboarding Games


Tux Typing 



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