Expected Student Learning Results

SIS students will be prepared to:

Communicate Effectively by

•  Listening, reading, writing, speaking and observing to gain understanding
•  Analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information
•  Using a variety of media to receive/express needs, knowledge, desires and opinions

Demonstrate Personal Management by

•  Showing competence through mastering skills and learning strategies
•  Exhibiting confidence, initiative, and self-reliance
•  Developing habits to maintain mental and physical health

Work Collaboratively by

•  Using effective skills to foster, develop, and maintain relations within diverse settings
•  Establishing and accomplishing goals within a group
•  Actively contributing to their immediate and expanding communities

Be Complex Thinkers by

•   Asking questions to improve critical and creative thinking
•  Interpreting and evaluating significant concepts within various contexts
•  Creating images to represent significant concepts

Demonstrate Global Citizenship by

•  Fostering compassion for fellow citizens
• Enhancing cultural understanding and contributing to the local community
• Developing awareness and a sense of responsibility to the global community



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