Getting started with Keynote

Keynote is a great presentation tool and a fantastic way to quickly share ideas.

  1. The default templates are a good way to get started.  They look slick too.
  2. You can add a new slide by clicking the ‘+’ button on the top left corner of Keynote.
  3. You can change a slide format by clicking ‘Master’ and choosing the layout you like.
  4. Simply drag in pictures you want from the Media Browser or Safari straight onto your slide.
  5. You can apply transitions to individual objects or whole slides
  6. Instant alpha can remove backgrounds from pictures.
  7. You can mask shapes to cut out bits you don’t need.
  8. Shadows and reflections can make ideas stand out.
  9. You can export your presentations in a range of formats, even PowerPoint.
  10. This is a nice intro to keynote.

Mac tips & tricks

Here’s a few things that will help you get started with your new MacBook Pro.

  1. Use Finder to access to your documents, music, movies and pictures.
  2. Spotlight helps you find anything on your Mac.  You can even search for words or phrases in documents and email.
  3. Have a screen full of applications?  Tap F3 and Expose will give you a much better view.
  4. With AirDrop, you can easily exchange large files with any MacBook user near you.  No need to use USB or network shares.
  5. You can take Screenshots by pressing Command (⌘) + Shift + 3.  Try Command (⌘) + Shift + 4 – it’s even more useful.
  6. Access network shares quickly by pressing Command (⌘) + K.
  7. Interested in exploring the concept of flipped learning?  You can capture all your screen interactions and audio with QuickTime.
  8. Little white dots under your Dock applications indicates they are running.  Be sure to quit any you aren’t using.  It speeds up your Mac!  Command (⌘) + Q is the fast way to quit.
  9. Use Activity Monitor to solve any ‘Spinning Beach Ball’ issues. It usually pops up when you have too many programs open.  See step 8.
  10. Here are some great, simple videos to get you started with your MacBook Pro


Digital Storytelling in Kindergarten

As part of our their ‘All About Me’ SOSE unit, KA students have been creating their own digital stories using the Scribble Press app for iPad.

First, Ms Sue created an example to share with the children so they could see what was possible.

Next, she spent roughly 10 minutes with each child guiding them through the creative process.  During this time, students developed both their own text and illustrations.

Finally the digital stories were shared with the rest of the class via the iPad and projector.   This activity gave the students experience as authors and illustrators and helped the class get to know each other.  They were all very proud to see their creations being enjoyed by all!