Twitter in Kindergarten

One of our Kindergarten teachers, Carlene Hamley, is leveraging Twitter in her classroom in a variety of ways.  Not only is she improving classroom transparency and augmenting writers workshop but also exposing her students to collaboration on a global scale.  Brilliant, practical stuff.  Get into the nitty gritty of some great teaching and learning here.

Just Hanging Out in Class

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 8.35.05 AM

A great way to grow a mustache!

Last week, HS teachers tested using Google Hangouts during their divisional meeting.  This feature of Google+ has some great applications in the classroom.  After my recent “virtual attendance” at the FlatClassroom conference in Yokohama, it occurred to me that this tool will be necessary to help tear down the classroom walls.

*Up to 10 members can “hangout” at the same time.
*You need a Google account to access this feature
*You can start independent hangouts on you laptop, iPad and iPhone with the same Google+ account


Some possible applications of Google Hangouts:

  1. Collaboration both locally and globally
  2. Meetings where participants are not in the same locale
  3. Student study sessions
  4. Editing Google Docs with true collaboration
  5. Screen sharing
  6. Live streaming of video from your laptop camera
  7. Creating a YouTube video of collaboration

Here’s a tutorial on using Google Hangouts: (thanks to jbormanncentral at YouTube)

Here’s a tutorial on starting a live YouTube stream using Google Hangouts:


Here’s a tutorial on starting a Google Hangout with your iPad or iPhone:


Creating Posters on the iPad

Students in the 6th grade Tech for Learning class developed posters to reflect their learning about topics related to media use. A variety of apps were used: Vizualize, KeynoteScrap Pad and Pages. The students also made short videos in iMovie demonstrating the main point of the poster. These movies will be attached to the posters via Aurasma. Come check them out!

Other apps for designing posters: PosterMakerPhosterQuark Design Pad.

~ Katie Kruse




Blogging for Transparency

It’s amazing how our lower elementary grade levels here at SIS are making their literacy come to life. Really, it’s such a simple tool, but its effectiveness is beyond anything else and to some extent it has redefined the readers & writers workshop model. By clicking on the image below, a short clip will reveal how many families and friends are contributing to our student’s literacy units here at SIS.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 1.36.34 PM