Email Filtering Settings

You’ll probably notice that you’ll get a daily/weekly update on what emails have been sent to your email account.  If you ever want to change the settings for which emails are considered SPAM and which are considered safe, take a look at the video below.  You’ll need to follow this link to access your Netbox Blue dashboard:


Your dashboard is also the location where you can release emails that have wrongly been quarantined.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.04.45 AM

YouTube video (1:55 in length)

Email Distribution Lists

I’m sure you’re all settling in to the new school year now, and perhaps you would like to set up a contact list for each of your classes, ASA groups or advisories for this school year.  Here is a video tutorial of how to create group email distribution lists.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.25.22 PM

Welcome back!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the summer break.  Below are a few logistics to get things started.

1:1 Device Rollouts

We’ll be completing our 1:1 device rollouts @ SIS with Grade 4 , Grade 9 and new students.  Key dates below (also in SIS calendar):

  • Fri 16 @ 8:30AM – iPad rollout for new Grade 5 students (eSpace).
  • Mon 19 @ 8:30AM – Mac rollout for Grade 9 and new HS Students (Amphitheatre).
  • Wed 21 @ 8:30AM – iPad rollout for new MS students (Amphitheatre).
  • Wed 21 @ 6:00PM – Parent overview of iPad learning program in Grade 4 (Gecko Theatre).
  • Thu 22 – Apple ID Creation (class by class – organised by eCoach).
  • Fri 23 @ 8:30AM –  Grade 4 iPad rollout (Gecko Theatre).

Shared iPads

Due to upcoming changes to iOS you can no longer use the ‘sismacimage‘ Apple ID.   You will need to create a new Apple ID for your class set.  Please see an eCoach if you require assistance with the process.  ECLC and ES – We’ve also got some new styluses coming your way.

Shared MacBooks

If you dropped off your MacBooks at a genius bar for review they are now ready to be collected.  There are no changes to how shared MacBooks work.


Your personal blogs are still in place at are you can continue using them as per normal.   New staff and students will begin using our more robust and accessible blog platform at   If you’re an existing staff member and you want to make an early leap feel free.  The new blog site is also based on WordPress so you can  migrate your old blog easily.

New students will have their blog introductions as below:

  • Tue 27 – New HS student blog rollout
  • Thu 29 – Grade 6 and New MS student blog rollout

If any other grades levels want access to Edublogs please let us know.


You’ll notice their is a new wiki server at   Your old wikis can still be accessed at   We’ll offer some PL to staff interested in using the new wiki.

Shared Calendars

Here’s a tutorial video on how to subscribe to the shared calendars on your Mac and iPad.  Please note you must be at SIS to add these Calendars.

Video:  Adding to your Mac

Click this link on your iPad or iPhone

 Tech Requests

If you submitted a formal tech request at the end of last year then drop into a Genius Bar to check the details.  We’ve been able to accommodate nearly all requests which is great.

Fake Chargers

There have been a few reports of people in China being seriously injured or killed while using fake chargers.  Never purchase or use a fake iPad or MacBook charger.


Need help?  Visit a Genius Bar, chat with your eCoach or simply email:

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 4.35.23 PM

What’s happening this year?

We’ve initiatives around transformational learning, digital citizenship and personal productivity that we’re going to roll out over the semester.   Can’t wait to share them.