Learning bytes

Learning Bytes.001

We’re kicking off our first round of Learning bytes @ SIS.  These are optional professional learning opportunities for all members of our learning community.  You can see the full schedule of sessions here.  Hope you can join us!

Compartmentalize of Information

Receiving information updates via email and having that message clutter your inbox is just another step in organizing and prioritizing your digital life. Basically,  your email inbox has become that closet that you just throw old and new stuff into. So, how can you reorganize the information so that is is placed in drawers/compartments in your digital life? It’s easy: really simple syndication, better known as RSS, or an RSS feed. This a great way to consume new content, professionally and personally. The tool to best access your new content across laptop and mobile device is an application called Feedly.
To better understand more on how Feedly operates, click here. Please keep in mind that Feedly does require you to have a Gmail account in order to sign up and have access to all your resources.