Flipping Math Lessons in Grade 3

2012078096_06bf143e0fSIS Grade 3 teachers have taken advantage of digital tools and resources to ‘flip’ math lessons for their students. The basic premise behind ‘flipping’ lessons is that with access to digital content from home, students can focus on learning about a topic at home and then class time can be used for assessment, application, practice, reteaching, and extension of the concept. The Grade 3 teachers developed a process to flip their math lessons to differentiate support for students regarding math concepts and skills.

Before the math lesson is delivered, the teachers create a math tutorial using an interactive whiteboard app such as Educreations. A link to the tutorial is posted on the classroom blog’s Math Videos page. Students watch the tutorial at home and then do the related homework. The following morning, homework is checked by the teacher assistants who look for gaps and issues with understanding. Then teachers are able to arrange differentiated instruction to target students who need extra support and those who are proficient in the concept. Teachers and teacher assistants deliver instruction to small groups based on their needs, whether students need concepts retaught or extension activities to expand their skills. Teachers also include additional assessments to verify students’ understanding of concepts.

In addition to being able to differentiate instruction for students, flipping the math lessons has provided more transparency for parents. The tutorials provide parents an opportunity to see exactly what math concepts their child is studying and, therefore, can provide additional support at home. The tutorials also provide an easy way for students review math skills and concepts. Flipping math lessons takes some additional organization by teachers, but benefits students, teachers, teacher assistants and parents.

See sample tutorials and other “flipping the classroom” resources below.

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