Make Your Own Textbook


As soon as you decide to order a textbook it’s outdated and if you teach overseas, chances are it won’t arrive at the beginning of the school year. Furthermore, the interactive website that students are given a chance to access with the supplied textbook key is boring, dry, and subjective to where the book was printed.

So, why have students create their own textbook.

It’s actually really easy and this is why it’s necessary:

  • Teach how to assess information legitimacy through CAPOWing the source.
  • Collaborating by adding sources to the book, this could be contextual information(articles), videos and images.
  • Have others follow your book.
  • Have contributors and follows comment on articles in book.
  • Students can read and add articles from authors in different countries.

Expected Student Learning Results:

Global Citizen


Independent Learner


Complex Thinker



Through Flipboard you are able to create a “Magazine,” that you can invite collaborators to flip articles into the shared board(magazine).

Here are the essentials that you will need to build your own Flipboard! 



So what does it look like? Mark Knudens and Kelly Kurth have seen a huge impact with student learning by having them build their own textbooks?

Nutrition – Prove It! by Mark A Knudsen

Cell Division by Kelly Kurth



Inspired by: Jeff Utecht and Rosana Walsh

Challenging, Authentic, Personalized Assessment in IB English

Challenging, Authentic, Personalized.  That’s the mantra this year for SIS Innovation.  How do we give students an authentic experience that is personalized to their learning needs and level.  When @cho_liz needed a way to asses her students’ use of the literary devices they’ve learned over that past two years she harmonized all three of the C.A.P. factors into one assignment.  The writing prompt was challenging and personalized:

“Tell me about your recent learning”

Students posted their responses on their own ShareSpace and students from both the SL and HL class were encouraged to post comments to challenge the authors thinking; an authentic audience.  What she got back were passionate responses, the students felt connected with the topic and challenged enough by the somewhat ambiguous prompt.  Have a read through some of the posts, they really are a great read, and be sure to follow the comment stream, which is where Liz is able to assess some of the complex thinking skills of her students.


SIS wins '21st Century Learning' School of the year award #21CLHK



We are delighted that Shekou International School (SIS) has been selected as the winner of the 21st Century Learning School of the Year 2014 Award. There were a large number of entries from schools in 15 countries and it is a great commendation to our staff, students and program.

The global judging panel were extremely impressed by our entry and wanted to commend the school on the highly quality of the work they saw including the documentation and the supporting video materials.

Feedback from the judging panel below:

“Very impressive. Loved that the pedagogy is leading the tech infusion. Also that social-emotional aspects of the program are being drawn upon to foster collaboration, networking and thinking. We were impressed with the diversity of learning platforms being used in this school. Consideration of the physical environment and the effect on students and teachers was a valid and important point that does not get addressed. So, we liked the unique but student-centred approach that took the other perspectives into consideration. You are very lucky to have such a talented and inspirational team of teachers in your school. ” ~ 21 Century Learning Awards

Using Storehouse for….Well, just about ANYTHING!!!

There’s a new tool that has taken the HS and MS by storm, or store in this situation.  Have you ever wanted to create a single-page scrolling reflection that allows you to put in both photos and videos? STOREHOUSE is an iOS app that creates these single-page amalgamations that are viewable on any device.  In our setting, this would be perfect for things such as:

 Process items for class:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.01.09 AM

Alex explaining how to use STAR People for reflection.


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.02.45 AM

Liz showing how her students used the ProMISE protocol.

Reflections from Field Trips or WWW:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.29.11 AM

6th Graders on WWW in Lantau.


 Personal reflections or journals:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.24.39 AM

Marty showing his personal trip through Daxin, China.


Any other ideas for the use of STOREHOUSE?  Leave a comment below.