How to schedule meetings in O365…without emails

Hello, everyone.

How many emails do you think you write in order to schedule a meeting? The average is EIGHT.

30 seconds to a minute per email for each meeting can eat into your precious planning time.

Today, the LI team created a video that walks you through the process of scheduling a meeting within O365 where you do not have to exchange a single email.

Take a look and email us (Alex, Rob, or me) if you have any questions.

How to set up your calendars through Outlook

The first thing you’ll need to do is subscribe to the school calendars – Here are the links.

Days 17-18

Academic Calendar 17/18:

Curriculum 17/18:

ECC 17/18:

ES 17/18:

Secondary 17/18:

Parent Curriculum Events 17/18 (Curriculum calendar but only parent events):

ATAC 17-18

Next, go to outlook and access the calendar app through the “app launcher”.

Begin adding (copying and pasting) the various calendars with the “From Internet” option.





That’s it! you will begin to see your calendars in the left-hand column.


This way of adding the work calendars also adds them to the Calendars app on your Mac. And if you like to keep your personal and exchange calendars separate, it does that too.