“We’re talking about it and really just being mindful about the food that we are eating.” 

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This week on Teachers of SIS, we are pleased to have PE teacher Brad Ill from Bayside. He’s been nominated for all the experience, enthusiasm and knowledge around health that he brings to our students. Enjoy!









What did you want your students to know or understand?

Life Skills is a course that focuses on kids understanding the importance of making good choices and making appropriate decisions throughout their entire life. Some of the topics we touch on include stress management, self awareness, and drugs and alcohol.

Right now, we’re focusing on nutrition. The unit is called healthy eating and physical activity and one of the things we want them to understand is how to eat right, what foods to avoid and make sure they understand that if they’re going to live a healthy active lifestyle, they’re going to have to eat right, find a balance, and do things to make sure they’re not just sitting on their rear ends.

What skills did you want your students to gain?

Keeping with the example of healthy eating and physical activity, one of the skills we want students to take away is cooking and being able to put together a healthy balanced meal. One of my classes is putting together an entire full course meal -one group has got the appetizers going on, the next group has the main dish happening and the next is in charge of putting together the dessert. And so they need to understand what it takes/what needs to go into these meal to make them healthy. This becomes evident when they present their summative assessments to the class and when they ultimately teach us how to make their dish. Ultimately it is a fun learning situation where the presentation and the preparation of the food inform one another.

How did you teach this lesson in the past?

In the past, we used to do powerpoint presentations where there was a  bit of a disconnect.

Whereas now that there is more discussion and the collective building of knowledge when students prep for their presentations, there is more of a genuine interest in finding out how many calories, fat and salt there is in food. It’s definitely more hands on. In addition to students going out and having this new awareness when purchasing food, we’ve been bringing in something small for students too demo and share in the can prep. I tell them it’s totally up to them and it can be really simple like smoothies… You can bring in a bunch of fruit, add some coconut water. It has sparked conversations about what type of sugars are in fruit, the different categories, why they are good for you, etc.. Everybody loves fruit smoothies!

How did you problem-solve and be creative to come up with this new method for this lesson?

Bringing food into class makes total sense and being able to analyze food is an easy sell. When they bring in their dish, they are presenting on it, we’re talking about it and really just thinking and being mindful about the food that we are eating.




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