“It is nice to know that you can help others and they can help you…”

Hello #SISRocks ! This week on Teachers of SIS, we are pleased to have Pre-K 1D Teacher Jenny Chen from our Mountainside campus. Jenny walked me through how she empowers and builds confidence in her young (but vey able) students.








Here are her responses to the questions:

What did you want your students to know or understand?

I have been teaching 3-4 year olds and 2-3 year olds at SIS – so they’re very young but I still want them to believe in themselves and that they are able to do things – because a lot of times, especially at the beginning of the year there is a tendency for them to get frustrated and feel like they cannot self help themselves.

Children at this age are also very sensitive so I really have to walk through and work with them every time and and say “you can do it” and that I will be over here with you.

As time goes by, they increasingly begin to feel pride about the things they are able to accomplish. As a teacher, I want them to have this feeling of success and gratification  but keep challenging them as well.

I also want them to understand that we are a small community and that even though you believe in your own ability it is nice to know that you can help others and they can help you.

What skills did you want your students to gain?

As a class, the goal is to help students become more independent. That said, this must done in a differentiated approach and realizing that every child has different challenges. When we down and set goals for each student, they typically range from fine motor to self help skills to language acquisition, when necessary.

How did you problem solve come up with this new method for this lesson?

Let’s take self help skills, for example… This year we introduced nap time which involves quite a bit of set up and cleaning up. Continuing to integrate the idea of community and that each student is a helper has transformed that activity into a fast and efficient process. We now have have student modeling and printed photos of students on our “I can do it” window that helps reinforce good habits and behaviors. I’m really proud of them.

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