Biome Projects on the iPad

Kristin Mikulka has been facilitating a biome project in her 6th grade science classes for several years. This year, the project was enhanced by the integration of iPads at SIS. The students were both creative and resourceful!

Here is Ms. Mikulka talking about the project:

In this video, Jamie Fraser talks about her experience with her project which was planned using Popplet (Jamie’s Popplet) and created in Educreations (Jamie’s final project).

One of the more challenging projects was undertaken by Jennie Guo who wanted to create a virtual museum that was sharable on the iPad. Here is Jennie explaining her Biome project which used Google Sketch-up and then the app Sight Space:

Other submission examples:

Moritz Friebe got creative with his project by incorporating drama and rap into an iMovie for his Biome project.

Terry Pi’s biome project on the wetland also used iMovie  and succeeded in informing while entertaining.

~ Katie Kruse



EARCOS Weekend Workshop

Thanks to all those who participated in Transforming Learning with the iPad over the weekend.  It was a great event that saw teachers from right across Asia discussing the integral use of technology.  Special thanks goes out to our student and teacher presenters who did an a amazing job!

All session resources are available here.

If you don’t have access to YouTube you can also watch the video here

Thanks for your participation! ~ John


“This is my 31st year of teaching with technology.  I have attended many tech conferences over the years and honestly, this is the most excited I have ever been!  Well done.”

 The work you’re doing at SIS is great. Thanks for opening up your practice and giving others a peek into what you are doing and how you are doing. It is much appreciated!

I loved all the sessions and this is the best PD I have had in 6 years. Thank you so much. 

This was a game changing day for me……now inspired to give it a real go.

Highly useful and exciting ideas……helped me to envision next steps for our school.

Great workshop! If only I had a chance I’ll attend all of them. All the presenters are very approachable and loved to share all their expertise.

Thanks! Hope you come to our school and explain and give the same talks you gave at Shekou. Your school is fantastic.

Cutting edge ideas and thinking.  

Excellent presenters and awesome ideas.


Seeing Double

Here is a way to make an image more meaningful in your classroom. This quick “how to” is on Aurasma Lite iOS App. This will allow you to have multiple viewings on multiple iPads. Its all about the location.

Using iBooks Author for Student Projects

SIS ninth graders are using iBooks Author as a way to track character development, strengths and weaknesses, and actions for William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies.

“I just wanted students to have a place to compile their thinking throughout this novel.  Visuals, written and spoken work, and graphic organizers can all be accessed in one place.” – Dorie MacCormack

View in Mac App Store

Here’s a video of what the kids think about using iBooks Author:

Here’s a first draft of one student’s iBook (iBooks format requires transfer to an iPad or other eReader):

LOTF – Jack Kim (pdf format)

LOTF-Jack Kim (iBooks format)

Exploring flipped learning

When Tu Anh Gilmore began investigating flipped learning with her senior math class she didn’t expect it to have such an immediate impact. Students responded with positive feedback:

“This video really helped me a lot to understand better!”

“As I wrote on my goal setting sheet, since I am a visual learner, specific step-by-step procedure like this really really helps me a lot! And it really does look like professional math tutor videos like Khan Academy ones”.

“Thank You so much for making this video for us! And I can’t believe that no one in our class (which includes myself…) could think of drawing the perpendicular line.. “

Students also responded positively to the ability to pause/rewind content and Tu Anh is now working with her classes to showcase their own learning using

Tu Anh’s first Showme below:

Using Youku in the Classroom.

Youku is a Chinese video-sharing service.


Incorporating technology into the classroom in China holds many challenges — the major one being access to familiar online resources. If you are accustomed to using YouTube to share content with your students, but find that student access in China is too limited to be effective, try setting-up and utilizing a Youku account.  Once you set-up the account, you may use a translation program to browse the site. However, for set-up and login, you need to operate in the Chinese interface or you will not be able to access your account. 


1. Go to Youku to set-up an account:

 2. Fill-in the required information:

3. Login to your new account:

4. Get familiar with the basic features of the home page:

5. Upload a video (first click the up arrow with the blue background):

 6. Upload Video Features:

7. Find your videos and edit or share them:


Happy sharing! Remember to enjoy browsing some user-generated Youku videos. There is no better way to get a sense of what is happening in China than to spend an hour or so browsing the latest videos. You will not be disappointed! Use the translation feature in your browser to read the comments under each video. 

 ~ Katie Kruse





Using Skitch in the Classroom

Skitch is a free image-editing application available on your Mac or iPad. Recently Skitch has become a part of the Evernote family (This means you can save all of your Skitch files directly to a designated notebook in Evernote and also easily add your Skitch files to an Evernote document). In Skitch, you can take a photograph or screenshot and write directly on it to make your point quickly. You can also use Skitch more like a whiteboard or a drawing tool. Skitch offers most image editing features, a hosting function, easy exporting to various sites (also export in pdf), and an easy indexing ability to keep track of all of your work. Here are some examples of how teachers at SIS are using Skitch in the classroom:

One other nice feature of Skitch is the ability to host a document or picture on the web and send the link. Here is one I made using the map feature in Skitch:

Map of my old vs. new house.

If you would like more information on how to use Skitch, check out thse tutorials:

iPads in Schools – How to use skitch app

Using Skitch on your Mac

~ Katie Kruse

Learning Through iCamera

Here is a simple but yet effective way of having kindergarten students engaged in learning numbers while taking full advantage of technology. Enjoy!

After the students took snap shots of numbers they found with their partner. All the students returned back into the classroom and viewed what they took on the iPad through AirSever. Every student got to showcase their photographic skills instantaneously, while reviewing the numbers they captured.