Note Card Videos

Note card videos have become a popular way to share personal experiences and feelings that are difficult to verbalize. Mrs. Brooker, the middle school life skills teacher, used the same type of project to get the students to synthesize their learning about the impact of stress on their bodies.

Here are some examples:

~ Katie Kruse

Digital Storytelling in Grade 7 Humanities

As an assessment for our first unit on identity, grade 7 students created digital stories that addressed one of the four themes of the unit: identity, community, belonging and perspective. Students followed a creative process which included drawing a story map, pitching their idea to peers, writing, recording and listening to their narrative and getting feedback about their story. To prepare for the production of their digital story, students then created a story table that included their narration and the images they would include. Finally, students decided on a digital tool to use and put their digital story together. By completing this project, students not only created and shared an original story, but also developed and demonstrated several skills in using technology.

~ Diana Beabout

Creating a Classroom Wiki

Wikis are a great way to take your class on-line and go paperless. SIS has its own wiki site and teachers are in the beginning stages of incorporating them into the classroom.  Some examples of how teachers are utilizing the wiki:

  • Leave lesson plan notes and assignments when you are going to be gone for the day.
  • Set-up reading groups and require reflections to the wiki after each class.
  • Put meeting notes  in one central location.
  • Have students collaborate to create an assignment with a rubric
  • Put class documents, links to student blogs and wikis, and course materials in one central place.

Some teachers at SIS have been using Wikspaces in the classroom for some time. Rebecca O’Brien and Dianna Beabout use a Wikispace for class homework and projects.

Ms. Beabout shares how she uses Wikispaces in the classroom and how it has been helpful in walking her students through the steps of a digital storytelling project:

Yoojin’s Final Digital Story completed step-by-step on Wikispaces.

~ Katie Kruse

Using Skitch in the Classroom

Skitch is a free image-editing application available on your Mac or iPad. Recently Skitch has become a part of the Evernote family (This means you can save all of your Skitch files directly to a designated notebook in Evernote and also easily add your Skitch files to an Evernote document). In Skitch, you can take a photograph or screenshot and write directly on it to make your point quickly. You can also use Skitch more like a whiteboard or a drawing tool. Skitch offers most image editing features, a hosting function, easy exporting to various sites (also export in pdf), and an easy indexing ability to keep track of all of your work. Here are some examples of how teachers at SIS are using Skitch in the classroom:

One other nice feature of Skitch is the ability to host a document or picture on the web and send the link. Here is one I made using the map feature in Skitch:

Map of my old vs. new house.

If you would like more information on how to use Skitch, check out thse tutorials:

iPads in Schools – How to use skitch app

Using Skitch on your Mac

~ Katie Kruse

Improving classroom transparency

SIS staff have been experimenting with ways to improve classroom transparency and parent communication.

Melissa Edwards in KD has been using her iPad, camera app and DropBox workflow to create video overviews of classroom routines and then share then securely with parents.

Mick Huiet has also been innovating in this area.  This video tutorial below showcases how he uses iPhoto to create video snapshots of different learning activities.

Showcasing learning through Infographics

An Infographic is a popular way to present data by distilling words, data points, key concepts and illustrations into a visual representation of the material. Here is a really interesting infographic on the 21st century classroom:

Components of a 21st Century Classroom – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges


Some useful tools for creating infographics:

Student-created infographics

Students have been using infographics to showcase their learning in the Middle School.

Elly’s Infographic:

Anastasia’s Infographic:

~ Katie Kruse

9th Grade Writing Comes to Life

The availability of great technology allows for the modification of how written work can be expressed.  Mrs. Cho-Young has used this with her IB class in previous years (see example below).  This year the 9th graders will be creating a portfolio of their own written works and using a digital medium, present these pieces.

Music Credits: Y Una Madre by Savina Yannatou