Breaking Down the Walls, Little by Little

Nicki Ruthai presented on our second day of professional learning here at SIS. She has been using Kidblog in her classroom for several years and has found it to be a powerful tool for her students. Here is what she as to say about it.

“I use Kidblog to show case learning in my classroom and as an ePortfolio. What is special about Kidblog is how I am able to connect with other classrooms around the world. It so happens a lot of the schools that I have connected my class with are actually executing some of same exact units and concepts.

“This didn’t happen over night, I used Twitter as well as the hashtag #comments4kids to have students from other schools comment on my learners’ work. My students are actively engaged in their blogs and are always excited to read and view the number of comments they have on their posts. It’s a process, whatever platform you are using, Macbook Pro, PC, or mobile device it is important to set precedents when blogging. I also taught my students how to comment on other students work, whether in my class or another school around the world. I really feel it can be used at all grade levels, it really has made each of my students work personal and authentic. ”

If you have any questions about, feel free to connect with Nicki Ruthai or just visit her Kidblog or class twitter account to view the powers at hand.


Where is my Device

What happens if my iPad is lost or stolen?

Who to inform:

Student: Teacher, administrator, and parent.

Teacher: eSupport staff or eLearning staff.

Our own system may also be able to track your lost device, otherwise follow the instruction below.

Immediately go to iCloud dot com

1. Sign-in to your iCloud using your Apple ID & password.

a. Select “Find My iPhone.”

12. Map of your bound Apple ID devices will appear.


3. Select on the button that indicates device.

Select the device that is lost from the list below if you have more than one bound device.


4. Three options are given to choose from.

Depending on the severity of the missed placed device, you have three options to choose.


5. For recovery select lost device.

a. If your device has a passcode, enter the code and proceed on to the following. Then cross your finger and hope for the best.

b. If you know where your device may be select play sound.

c. If you know for sure that it will not be recovered, select erase device.




Blogging for Transparency

It’s amazing how our lower elementary grade levels here at SIS are making their literacy come to life. Really, it’s such a simple tool, but its effectiveness is beyond anything else and to some extent it has redefined the readers & writers workshop model. By clicking on the image below, a short clip will reveal how many families and friends are contributing to our student’s literacy units here at SIS.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 1.36.34 PM

Workshops for Parents

Our second coffee workshop for parents will be held 8:30AM, Wed 12 December @ Parkside Campus.

Come along if you want to learn more about the iPad and how you can support your child’s learning.

These sessions are designed to be responsive to the needs of parents so bring your questions with you!