Embedding Video Files

Many teachers and Students wonder how to embed video files into their blog posts. This post is going to explain how to do it, and most importantly how to choose the right plugin to do it.

“Why?” you might ask. Because in the real world we live in, video formats are plentiful. Almost every video camera brand has tried to force consumers into their own, even if many different formats already exist. And some of them are even standardized.

This is why there is no “one-size-fits-all” plugin for embedding videos.

Our WordPress server currently offers you the ability to use two different plugins:

Available Video Plugins

  • Embedded Video can handle video from video portal such as: YouTube, Google Video, dailymotion, MyVideo, Clipfish, Sevenload, Revver, Metacafé, Yahoo! Video, ifilm, MySpace Video, Brightcove, aniBOOM, vimeo, GUBA, Garage TV, GameVideos, vSocial, Veoh, Gametrailers. It can also manage the following video formats: flv, swf, mov, qt, wmv, mpg, mpeg, mpe, asf, asx, wax, wmv, wmx, avi
  • Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator can manage the following video formats: ogv, mp4, m4v, webm

Using Embedded Video

To use Embedded Video, simply click on the small TV-like button when you write your post

Embedded Video Add Button

You can then choose how you want to use the plugin:

As you can see, you can not only use a video sitting on a remote video portal, but you can also upload a video from your computer, hence making it a local video to be used.

Using Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

To use this plugin you will have to set it up first.

From your Dashboard, go to Settings->Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator Settings

Then make sure that the settings are as follow:

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator: settings part 1Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator: settings part 2

and don’t forget to “Save changes”.

Then you can use the plugin when you write your post. Simply click ont the “Add Media” button

Add Media Button

A new tab has been added to the usual window:

Add Media: Embed From URL Tab

This is where you’ll go to embed a video of one of the formats that this plugin handles. Once again you can upload the video file when you’;re about to use it or use one that’s been already uploaded before, from the Media Library.

Copy the File URL for that video file

Video Embed: File URL

Then paste this File URL to the plugin:

  1. Embed Video From URLChoose a title
  2. Paste the URL
  3. Generate then choose the thumbnail for this video
  4. Tick the “Generate DownloadLink…”
  5. Insert Into Post.


Embeding a Storybird into your post

To be able to show a Storybird like this:

[easyembed field=”Storybird”]

You need to go to your post, and use the easyembed plugin.

In the editor you add the easyembed call like this”

Adding the EasyEmbed call

where “Storybird” refers to a custom field that you have to set like this:

Using a custom field

The value is obtained on the storybird website by clicking on the “Embed & badges” link:

"Embed & badges" link on Storybird

and cutting the code placed on the right:

Copying the embed code from Storybird

Embeding Voicethread into a post

How to show a Voicethread in a post like this:


or like this:


Simply go to your post and write the URL of your voicethread like this:

Embeding a Voicethread

And make sure that the URL is not seen by your editor as link, but just as text.