Creating Posters on the iPad

Students in the 6th grade Tech for Learning class developed posters to reflect their learning about topics related to media use. A variety of apps were used: Vizualize, KeynoteScrap Pad and Pages. The students also made short videos in iMovie demonstrating the main point of the poster. These movies will be attached to the posters via Aurasma. Come check them out!

Other apps for designing posters: PosterMakerPhosterQuark Design Pad.

~ Katie Kruse




EARCOS Weekend Workshop

Thanks to all those who participated in Transforming Learning with the iPad over the weekend.  It was a great event that saw teachers from right across Asia discussing the integral use of technology.  Special thanks goes out to our student and teacher presenters who did an a amazing job!

All session resources are available here.

If you don’t have access to YouTube you can also watch the video here

Thanks for your participation! ~ John


“This is my 31st year of teaching with technology.  I have attended many tech conferences over the years and honestly, this is the most excited I have ever been!  Well done.”

 The work you’re doing at SIS is great. Thanks for opening up your practice and giving others a peek into what you are doing and how you are doing. It is much appreciated!

I loved all the sessions and this is the best PD I have had in 6 years. Thank you so much. 

This was a game changing day for me……now inspired to give it a real go.

Highly useful and exciting ideas……helped me to envision next steps for our school.

Great workshop! If only I had a chance I’ll attend all of them. All the presenters are very approachable and loved to share all their expertise.

Thanks! Hope you come to our school and explain and give the same talks you gave at Shekou. Your school is fantastic.

Cutting edge ideas and thinking.  

Excellent presenters and awesome ideas.


1:1 iPads for Grades 4 through 6

It’s been both an exciting and hectic week @ SIS!  Over the last few days every student in grades 4 through 6 has been issued a personally managed iPad to support their learning.  Even though it’s only been a few days we’ve already seen students using their new devices in both thoughtful and imaginative ways.  Mind-mapping tools like Popplet have become very popular while other students have begun documenting and sharing their learning with apps like Skitch and Evernote.  We look forward to working with both students and teachers over the coming months as they continue on their journey with the iPad.  It’s an exciting time to be a learner @ SIS!

Basic iPad Workflow

IMG_8407With the integration of iPads at SIS, a basic iPad workflow needs to be established. At this point in time, most students have only a few free apps; however, several options for distributing and collecting assignments are available:


Distribution of Assignments and Assessments:

Collection of Student Work:

  • Have the students respond to work on the SIS wiki.
  • Have the students attach the assignment in an email.
  • Have the students post their responses to assignments on the WordPress Blog.
  • Have the students share the file/folder back with you using a shared network drive that you will be able access:

Dropbox: If you want students to edit material and return it to you, they will need to set-up a Dropbox account. Click here for complete directions on how to set-up a Dropbox account.

DROPitTOme (limited to sending pictures and video on the iPad): This is a connected feature of Dropbox and will allow students to drop an assignment in your drop box folder through clicking on a link and entering a password. On a laptop, all types of files can be uploaded, but on the iPad the file choices are limited to items saved to the camera roll or photo stream. This is a great option for media assignments (Popplets can be saved as jpegs or even have the students take a screen shot of short written work, or have them record a video response) This is my Dropittome link: Upload code: sistechnology. Give it a try from your iPad and see how easy it is. Click here complete directions on how to set-up a DROPitTOme account.

Evernote:  If you have an Evernote account, you can set-up specific assignment folders to which the students can email the assignments directly by using your special evernote email address and a designated tag in the subject line. Video files, audio files, pictures and documents can all be emailed directly into designated folders. See here for more complete instructions.

One of my first assignments after the iPad rollout was to show the students how to send a variety of class assignments to me. Check out my detailed assignment here.

~ Katie Kruse

3rd Grade Countries

3rd grade students @ SIS were given a simple assignment to get facts on their home country and compare it to the current country they live in, China. Click on the picture below to see the learners in actions.



Using Youku in the Classroom.

Youku is a Chinese video-sharing service.


Incorporating technology into the classroom in China holds many challenges — the major one being access to familiar online resources. If you are accustomed to using YouTube to share content with your students, but find that student access in China is too limited to be effective, try setting-up and utilizing a Youku account.  Once you set-up the account, you may use a translation program to browse the site. However, for set-up and login, you need to operate in the Chinese interface or you will not be able to access your account. 


1. Go to Youku to set-up an account:

 2. Fill-in the required information:

3. Login to your new account:

4. Get familiar with the basic features of the home page:

5. Upload a video (first click the up arrow with the blue background):

 6. Upload Video Features:

7. Find your videos and edit or share them:


Happy sharing! Remember to enjoy browsing some user-generated Youku videos. There is no better way to get a sense of what is happening in China than to spend an hour or so browsing the latest videos. You will not be disappointed! Use the translation feature in your browser to read the comments under each video. 

 ~ Katie Kruse