Upcoming PD Activities!

With the rush of the first few weeks of school slowly starting to settle into routines, we all may finally have a bit more space to take care of ourselves and not just those around us! Part of taking care of yourself is allowing yourself to participate in professional learning. Not all types of professional learning are for everybody, but our hope that if we share upcoming events with you, you’ll see something that sparks your interest! Please let us know if we’ve missed something and you think it should be included here!

Happy Learning!

  1. Tuesday, September 10 @ 8pm     #ISSedu Twitter Chat: Try a chat on Twitter hosted by our very own ISS. Find more information here.
  2. Tuesday, September 17 @ 6pm @ The Boathouse: #PubPDAsia Twitter Chat: If you haven’t participated in a PubPDAsia event yet, now is the time. It’s learning from our colleagues in the region using Twitter to connect us. Come join us at the Boathouse even if you only want to lurk and not participate too much. Alternatively, join in from the comfort of home!
  3. Thursday, September 19 @ 5:30pm @ Avenues -The World School – 21CL TeachMeet: 21CL will host the first
    TeachMeet of the year at Avenues Sunmax. This is a great opportunity to share and learn from our colleagues at other schools. You can sign up to to simply listen/learn information or you can sign up to share for 2 or 5 minutes. Either way – join us! It’s fun to see other spaces, too! Make sure you sign up ahead of time so we know how much food/beverage to order!
  4. September 21@ Level 5  – Microsoft Teacher and Apple Teacher Certification Sessions: Back by popular demand! Come join the Learning Innovation Team at Level 5 to get your Microsoft Teacher OR Apple Teacher Certification. We’ll have the coffee, snacks, guidance and you’ll bring your motivation to work with like-minded people who also want to get ‘er done! Register HERE for this free event!
  5. October 17-19 @ Nanjing International School Learning2Asia: Learning 2 Asia is back this year! Learning 2.0 has always been  great conference with tons of practical applications.
  6. October 18 -19 @ Concordia International School Shanghai: If you are not involved in the Virginia Rojas’ visit to SIS, then we encourage you to take a trip to Shanghai for this conference. The ACAMIS Tech Conference is good for us because it’s very China focused… an example is that one of this year’s topics is a deep dive into MS 365. Worth the trip for the conference and because they don’t call it Shang Buy for nothin’!
  7. October 26 @ Level 5 – Leading Change- Diffusing Innovations in Schools: That’s right! Right here in River City! Level 5 will host its first workshop of the year as part of a Leadership Series. Come join us as Dr. Jeff Dungan shares research based best practices in change management to understand all of our parts in this process. Come talk to Amanda before you register as there is a small perk for being an SIS employee.
  8. October 27 @ Level 5 – Leading Change and Assessing Innovation in Schools: This is part 2 of the Leadership Series. This weekend is unique because you are allowed to register for just one day. If this is the day, please come work with Dr. Jessica Hale to develop skills around the evaluation of change.

OneNote Tips: Syncing

A OneNote Notebook is a bit like a whole website in a notebook. That’s great. It means it’s packed with a variety of content like text, photos and video but when one syncs a notebook it checking every page on a website for changes and downloading all the pages at once. That can take a while. Here are some tips to make it less painful.

If a notebook is slow to sync or appears to not be syncing at all there are three systems that could be causing the problem:

  1. Microsoft’s servers
  2. Your internet connection
  3. Your device–your iPad or laptop.

Microsoft’s Servers

Occasionally Microsoft does have problems with their servers and systems but it’s not common and there’s nothing you can do about it so we’re  going to focus on to the other systems that might be causing your syncing problems.

Your Internet Connection

  • Do you have an internet connection? Open a web browser and see if you can connect to other websites. If you can connect, how fast are they?
  • If you’re at home, is someone else in the house playing online games, streaming movies or music? In other words, are they hogging all the bandwidth? If so, ask them to pause what they’re doing and see if it helps.

Your Device

  • Quit unnecessary programs and close unnecessary apps. If you have a bunch of tabs open they are probably using your bandwidth even when you aren’t using them. If you’re in the habit of keeping a bunch of tabs open you might consider using a browser add-in like OneTab. (This tip is for laptop users running Chrome or Firefox.)
  • Restart your device. As we move around from school, to home or to restaurants our devices get “clogged up” with all the network settings. Restarting your device can help. It gives your iPad/laptop a fresh start.
  • “Close” old notebooks you’re not currently using. “Closing” notebooks doesn’t delete them. They stay in your OneDrive or your teacher’s OneDrive if it’s a class notebook. “Closing” a notebook means OneNote won’t try to sync notebooks it doesn’t need to.

One More Thing

If you’re adding content to a OneNote notebook, think about the size of what you’re adding. Text is fine but think about the size of the photos and other files you’re adding.

  • Re-size photos in apps like Preview or Photos before you add them. It will speed up syncing and the images will still look good on screens.
  • Rather than putting pdf’s or other docs in the notebook, put them in OneDrive and add a link to the notebook. That way people only have to download the file when they need it.
  • If you’re in a class trying to sync your notebook with 20+ other people, it’s going to be slow. Move somewhere so you’re using a different wireless access point. As a student you might sync your notebooks when you first get to school. That way they’ll be up to date and ready to go when you get to class.

Microsoft Translator

This is a follow up to the demo Rob and Alex gave at Wednesday’s Bayside Faculty meeting.

Microsoft Translator has potential to be very helpful. In addition to helping us with taxi drivers and buying groceries, it will be very helpful for our work with individual parents and when presenting to groups of people who may be more comfortable using a language other than English. Here are a few videos and links that may be helpful as you get started with Microsoft Translator.

Finally, here’s a link to the Microsoft Translator page which has links to the various app stores so you can download it for your phone.