Showcasing learning through Infographics

An Infographic is a popular way to present data by distilling words, data points, key concepts and illustrations into a visual representation of the material. Here is a really interesting infographic on the 21st century classroom:

Components of a 21st Century Classroom – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges


Some useful tools for creating infographics:

Student-created infographics

Students have been using infographics to showcase their learning in the Middle School.

Elly’s Infographic:

Anastasia’s Infographic:

~ Katie Kruse

MacBook Pros for all Freshmen!

Today all 9th Graders received brand new MacBook Pros!  During a special advisory session students learnt how to set up their new devices and then ran through basic care, use and applications.

We’re really excited to see what they start creating over the coming weeks and months!  Special thanks to Mr McElroy, Mrs Kruse, Mr Ruti, Mr McCrea, Mr Bill, Mr Uy, Mr Yoseph and Mr Tsui for all their help with the preparation.

It was an exciting day for all involved – check out the pictures!

Getting Your iCal to Show SIS, HS, and MS Calendars

If you’d like to subscribe to the calendars here at school (SIS, High School, Middle School) so you can easily view important dates and events at SIS, check out the following video.  Please note that following method will automatically add these calendars to your iPad and iPhone. ***iCloud is required***

SIS Calendar

Middle School Calendar

High School Calendar



SAMR as a reflective tool

I’ve used Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model over the last few years to discuss the integral use of technology ( and also as a reflective framework for educators.

For the latter, I’ve always considered each stage to be a discrete step in the learning journey.  E.g. a teacher begins with substitution and once some level of mastery has been achieved, augmentation kicks-off.  Likewise, I believed any learning experience could be pegged to an individual stage.

What has become apparent as we watch our staff at Shekou International School, is that the journey occurs simultaneously across all four stages.  Even though a teacher is new to the iPad and engaging in a large chunk of substitution, they’re also simultaneously augmenting practice, modifying some student learning opportunities and experimenting with redefinition.  It also appears that any given learning experience can be a composite of the SAMR stages.

There seems to be a constant interplay between the four stages and the key to establishing a successful learning experience is in getting the right mix.  In a short space of time we’ve seen quite a range of practice and innovation @ SIS.  It’s going to be a very interesting year.

9th Grade Writing Comes to Life

The availability of great technology allows for the modification of how written work can be expressed.  Mrs. Cho-Young has used this with her IB class in previous years (see example below).  This year the 9th graders will be creating a portfolio of their own written works and using a digital medium, present these pieces.

Music Credits: Y Una Madre by Savina Yannatou


Tutorials for Toolbars and QuickLook

Hey there!  The eLearning Bites sessions have been going on for a couple of weeks now and we hope that you’ve been getting what you need to get you started with your new Mac.  The videos below are just a sample of some of the tutorials that can be made with Quicktime.

(The following videos were all screen recordings made in Quicktime and edited in iMovie)

How to customize toolbars in applications and Finder:

Using Quick Look to preview files in Finder and Mail: